10 strange beliefs of the Yoruba people



Take a look at some of the most interesting Yoruba beliefs, such as the reason a pregnant lady should have a safety pin connected to her dress and the reason a person shouldn’t drink coconut water.

10 strange beliefs of the Yoruba people

10 strange beliefs of the Yoruba people: Yoruba is one of the many different tribes that may be found in Nigeria.

This ethnic group, as with all other ethnic groups, is recognized for their religious as well as cultural beliefs and traditions, some of which are humorous and consist of nothing more than myths and superstitions (if you ask me).

In any case, the following are ten of the Yoruba people’s more amusing beliefs:

1. Women who are pregnant are required to fasten a safety pin to their clothing

Yorubas have the morality that it is impolite for a pregnant woman to not fasten safety pins to her clothing at all times. By doing so, she is essentially inviting spirits to inhabit the unborn child that she is carrying. The foetus is shielded from harm and protected from the spirit that is roaming around thanks to the safety pin, which has the same name as its function.

2. It is inappropriate to use an umbrella for play if it is not already raining

A person who fiddles with an umbrella on a day when it is not raining is essentially asking for it to pour nonstop on the day of their wedding.

3. Do not make a whistling sound in the night

When you whistle in the dark, you are essentially inviting snakes and other reptiles to come inside the house with you.

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4. Egret give white fingers

If you want white fingertips, all you have to do is sing a song that asks egrets (leke leke) to give you white fingers. If you do this, your fingers will turn white.

5. A pregnant woman should avoid going outside when the sun is out

The Yorubas have a superstition that states that if a pregnant woman goes outside in the sun, particularly around the middle of the day, she will have a kid that is deformed. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women stay out of the sun as much as possible.

10 strange beliefs of the Yoruba people

6. Never beat a male child with a broom

The Yorubas have the superstition that if you beat a child with a broomstick, you will make that child sterile.

7. Consuming coconut water is not a good idea

They believe that if a person consumes coconut water, they will become unintelligent. This belief is based on a superstition.

8. Refrain from looking in the mirror late at night

According to the belief of the Yorubas, it is prohibited to glance at a mirror at night because, instead of seeing your reflection, you’ll see a ghost.

9. A strand of thread can magically stop hiccups

This works well with infants, according to their belief. When an infant is experiencing hiccups, merely put a piece of thread on the child’s head to stop the hiccups.

10. Do not cross over a person and vice versa

If a person crosses over you, your kids will look like that person but the person crosses over you back.

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10 strange beliefs of the Yoruba people

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