2023: Why APC Can’t Zone the Presidency to the Southwest – Senator Bulkachuwa


Bauchi Northern Senate District Senator Adamu Muhammad Bulkachuwa said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) may not be committed to presidential zoning in southwestern Nigeria.

He said that getting a material that can win the elections is the most important thing for any serious political party anywhere in the world, therefore, it is not about zoning, but about who has the capacity and acceptability to win the presidential elections.

Senator Bulkachuwa, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, reacted in an interview with select journalists amid upheaval and counter-agitation over where the ruling APC should locate its presidency in 2023.

The legislator said, APC would be economical with the zoning of the presidency until the political climate determines it, saying: “That is the nature of politics. You do not announce in advance where your presidential candidate will come from and, in any case, there must be criteria for the presidential aspiration.

“Any Nigerian from any part of the country can aspire to any party, but the problem is when you locate him in a particular party, which party will really want to win and form the next government and will look for the most popular candidate. Zoning is not the answer, ”he said.

According to him, political parties will always look for who can win the elections to form the next government that can determine where to locate the presidency.

On the party congresses, which were held recently, he said the exercise is credible enough to sustain the party’s unity at the grassroots, emphasizing that few disagreements as a result of the congress would be contained.

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2023: Why APC Can't Zone the Presidency to the Southwest - Senator Bulkachuwa

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