6 Must-have Documents for UK University Admission as a Nigerian Student


In this post, you will learn about the 6 Must-have Documents for UK University Admission as a Nigerian Student Before Applying for Masters Admission in the United Kingdom Universities.

The UK is one of the major countries that attract the highest number of master’s degrees and other postgraduate students from Nigeria. This is perhaps due to the relatively welcoming nature of the country to international students and numerous scholarship opportunities.

Many Nigerians apply to study in the UK yearly. However, many who want to apply are not aware of the documents to keep handy.

There are very important documents Nigerians must possess before applying to study for their master’s degree in the United Kindom.

MEDIANGR.COM.NG presents the list of 6 important documents Nigerians must possess before applying for admission to UK universities. This list covers documents required for master’s students.

6 Must-have Documents for UK University Admission as a Nigerian Student.

1. International passport

As a Nigerian student seeking admission to UK universities, you must possess an international passport. The international passport is an identification document confirming your country of citizenship.

This important document contains your official date of birth and it’s a must before you will travel abroad for studies.

The Nigerian international passport is issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service. Many of the UK schools you are applying to will ask you to present this document before admission will be granted.

2. Reference letters

Another document that is required for the UK university application process is the reference letter. If you have graduated from a Nigerian university, you will be required to present academic reference letters from your top lecturers.

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This letter should confirm that you are of good character and that you are qualified in morals and otherwise to be granted admission.

Some UK schools ask you to present three reference letters while others ask for two. But mostly, the schools ask for one letter from a lecturer in your graduating school and one from your boss if you are already working.

3. Academic transcript

Nigerians applying for admission to study for their master’s degree in UK universities in 2022 must possess their academic transcript.

Your academic transcript can be obtained from the university from where you graduated. This document contains your performance in all the courses you took while in the university. It also presents your overall CGP.

Your academic transcript is a must since the school you are applying to uses it as a basis for granting you admission. Go to your university and apply for this before starting your UK university admission application. Some Nigerian universities issue transcripts online through their official website.

4. Statement of purpose

Nigerian students seeking master’s admission to UK universities are required to present a statement of purpose.

The statement of purpose is a short essay stating why you think you are qualified to be granted admission to the university you are applying to.

Mostly, this essay is required to be from 1000 to 2000 words.

5. University certificate

Another important document you must possess before applying for admission in the UK is your university certificate

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The UK school you are applying to will ask for the original of your degree certificate issued by your Nigerian university.

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6. IELTS/TOEFL or any other English test

Many UK universities require Nigerians applying to study in their school to submit a result of an English test.

Some of the most popular Engish tests are the International English Language Testing System IELTS, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL.

This is called proof of English proficiency and the schools require it as proof that you can understand courses offered in English language. Some schools waive it if you have a C6 in WAEC English.

Tips on how to relocate to the UK

According to the list, the first step is to get a job in the UK before applying for a visa.

It is after seeking and finding a job in the UK that one can easily get a work visa from the UK embassy in Nigeria.

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