7 Foods that improve the brain and mental health


A healthy body is like a temple for a healthy mind. Our food choices have a huge impact on our brain and overall mental health. This is one of the reasons nutritionists keep preaching that one should not skip breakfast.

We live in a world where everyone misunderstands good health as a perfectly fit body, and is willing to work hard for it while overlooking mental health.

It is important that we start paying attention to our mental health as well. And the first step to achieve this is to maintain a healthy diet.

These 7 foods have been proven to help boost brain cells and improve mental health.

1. Avocados

foods that improve mental health

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats and this helps protect brain cells. Avocado oil has also been shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

2. Red wine

foods that improve mental health

Red wine is rich in polyphenols that help increase cerebral blood flow. Polyphenols are compounds found in plants, including flavonoids and phenolic acid, that greatly benefit the human body and help fight disease.

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3. Dark chocolate

foods that improve mental health

This is also good for memory, blood pressure, and mood. It helps relieve depression and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which means it’s good for the brain.

4. Spinach

foods that improve mental health

This leafy green is rich in brain-protecting antioxidants along with vitamin K, folate, and lutein.

5. Pumpkin seeds

foods that improve mental health

These are a rich source of zinc, a mineral that plays an important role in memory and brain function in general.

6. Coconut oil

foods that improve mental health

Coconut oil is definitely an all-purpose oil because there is almost nothing that coconut oil can’t help with. And when it comes to your brain, it’s packed with benefits, too. It can help with memory loss as you age.

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7. Bananas

foods that improve mental health

This fruit contains a high level of vitamin B6 and this can help relieve anxiety and stress. It’s also a great source of tryptophan, the essential amino acid that the brain converts into the happiness hormone, serotonin.

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