Africa Magic ‘Lahira’ Original Series On Insurgency Premieres In Lagos


After unveiling new programs for its 20th anniversary, magic of africa He made a big leap with the production of an action thriller series.

The new series titled ‘Lahira’ tells the daring story of insecurity in Nigeria through the young character of a brave girl from the north.

Based on the theme of insurgency, the action-packed series premiered on Thursday at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos, with attendees abiding by the ‘combat chic’ dress code.

In attendance were the President of the Nigerian Directors Guild: Victor Ohai, comedian Bovi, Zeb Ejiro, Robert and Gloria Young, Yemi Cregx, Sandra Essiene, Bade Smart, Sunday Afolabi and army representatives, Brigadier General Ojogbane Adegbe.

Speaking about the series, Busola Tejumola, Executive Director of West Africa Content and Channels, MultiChoice Nigeria, described the series as an extraordinary project for the Africa Magic platform.

“This story is very dear to our hearts because it tells of a part of the country and a series of unspoken events that no one sheds light on. We hear about the insurgency in the news, but we don’t feel the experiences of those who are there.”

He then thanked the support and advisory roles of the Nigerian Army during production. “I would like to thank the Nigerian Army. We made this happen with their support, and we couldn’t have done it authentically without them.”

Courage, Action, Reality

Focusing on the sad reality and challenges of terrorism, insurgency and survival in Northern Nigeria, ‘Lahira’ tells the story of a brave young woman whose village is destroyed by gunmen.

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This destruction forces the girl, Lahira, into an IDP camp, but her stay is short-lived as the same insurgents who destroyed her home also stormed the IDP camp and abducted her and other girls.

Dr. Louis Michel, head of the camp for internally displaced persons, becomes the target of the insurgents.

In captivity, the intrepid Lahira makes several escape attempts, stopping at nothing to free herself and the other girls.

In doing so, he becomes an insufferable plague within the camp. Meanwhile, a special military team, the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) Squad, leads the search for Lahira and the girls, while Doctor Louis must continue trying to evade the kidnapping.

Created and directed by Peter Fada, the 13-episode series was produced by veteran Nigerian filmmaker Justice Atigogo and featured a diverse cast of actors from across the country, including Norbert Young and Gloria Anozie-Young, among others.

Unfortunately, the main character Lahira was absent from the premiere due to health issues.

Labors of our Heroes of the past

The military, which supported the production from start to finish and provided advisory and protective services for the cast and crew while they filmed in Nassarawa, also had representatives at the watch party.

Brigadier General O. Adegbe represented the Chief of Defense and delivered a short speech congratulating Africa Magic for telling the challenging story of Lahira.

Speaking at the private screening, Mr. Adegbe, Director of Psychological Warfare to former aide to the president Goodluck Jonathan, thanked Africa Magic for asking the military for support in publishing this story.

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“In those days, you don’t mention what happened in the trenches, but it’s a new army. We are waging a war in which the opposition cannot be called an enemy, we call them adversaries, bandits and terrorists. I am very pleased to see the script of the program and its screening.”

Adegbe pointed to the need for civilians to care about members of the armed forces.

“We sit here in Lagos, trust me, a very nice place; You probably don’t care about the Northeast, but we forget that we have a representative, not from the Northeast, who would have died; this is how we are connected. Someone is representing his local government, his state in the military.”

Adegbe, who said he could remember the faces of the soldiers below him who died between 1997 and 1999, urged people to care more about the members of the army and thanked everyone who was involved in the film.

“As I stand here, I am reminded of the faces of the soldiers who died between 1997 and 1999, and that is what we signed up for. We sacrifice our lives to keep citizens safe. So thanks to Africa Magic and the production team for telling these stories and bringing them to life through Lahira.”

He also requested that the entire room observe a moment of silence for the beloved heroes of the armed forces who have passed away.

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‘Lahira’, the production of which was supported by the Nigerian Army, from the very first episode was an absolute demonstration of the military prowess of the Nigerian Army in responding to threats within the society.

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The first episode also turned into an action thriller production with a great attempt at costumes, combat, and sound to accompany the already suspenseful story.

‘Lahira’ will start airing from April 4th and will air every Tuesday at 9:00pm on Africa Magic Showcase.

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Africa Magic 'Lahira' Original Series On Insurgency Premieres In Lagos

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