After court victory, Mbah reaffirms determination to end water shortage in Enugu


Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has reaffirmed his commitment to end water scarcity in the state within 68 days. He stated this shortly after his victory in the state Governorship Election Petition Tribunal.

Newslodge reported that a three-member panel of judges headed by Kudirat Akano on Thursday dismissed the petition of the Labor Party gubernatorial candidate, Chijioke Edeoga, as incompetent.

The court held that Mr. Edeoga failed to prove his claim that Mr. Mbah of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) forged his discharge certificate from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

He declared that the PDP candidate was already qualified even without submitting the NYSC certificate, adding that the NYSC certificate was not a requirement to qualify to run for the governorship position under Sections 177 and 138 of the 1999 Constitution. .

Mbah speaks

Reacting through a post on your verified X handle (formerly Twitter), Mbah said the outcome of the court ruling was a victory for the “massive development and exponential growth” of the Enugu people.

The governor said the victory will also encourage him to fulfill his promise to end the state’s water shortage within 68 days.

“It is a victory for the greatness of Enugu. And a victory for the ban on staying home on Mondays. Finally, it is also a victory for our determination to restore water to all your homes in the next 68 days,” he stated.

End water scarcity

Mbah had repeatedly promised to end the eternal water shortage in Enugu within 180 days from May 29 when he was sworn in as governor.

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Newslodge reports that water scarcity in Enugu has been a recurring problem for decades despite huge financial investments by successive state governments and international organisations.

Officials said the water shortage was exacerbated by the state’s topography and the presence of coal deposits that thwart well construction efforts.

The efforts of the Enugu State Water Corporation, a state agency tasked with supplying water from the Oji, Iva, Ninth Mile and Ajali rivers to households in the state, are yet to be successful due to recurring equipment breakdowns.

As a result, the state’s residents rely heavily on hand-dug wells for water, which typically dry up during the dry season. This compounds the shortage annually, typically between December and March in the state.

‘Belief in the judiciary’

Mbah praised the court for “thoroughly dissecting the petitions before them” and delivering a ruling that “resonates” with the people of Enugu State.

“In fact, this has reaffirmed our belief in the judiciary as the last hope of the common man,” he said.

The governor urged candidates from other political parties who participated in the gubernatorial elections to join him in the task of building the state.

He assured the people of the state that he would repay the support they gave him during the gubernatorial election by working for them.

“I want to assure you that we will work for you with every fiber of our being. I stand by the campaign promise I made as espoused in our statement of purpose,” she said.

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