AMAZING! New travel map, Nexit, tells you what awaits you

From left to right: Rotimi Ibidapo; Howard Jitter, former United States Ambassador to Nigeria; Dr. Ebuh and Randy Carpenter during the NEXIT launch in New York.

By Prince Osuagwu, High-tech editor

In the history of mankind, there has never been an easier way to innovate than through technology. Almost every problem in the world today has solutions provided by technology. NEXIT, which tells you what awaits you, is one of those technological innovations.

However, the mobile genre of the technology range is surprised considering the swirl of thought that emanates from mobile technology every nanosecond.

Who would have thought that the old saying that one never knows what is coming, would be so easily demystified by a piece of metal with some insignificant chips, called the mobile phone?

Yes, that’s what your mobile phone does, telling you what to expect if you have a new mobile navigation map installed, Nexit.

Nexit is the all-in-one navigation app to power the perfect road trip. Designed as the next generation in mobile mapping, Nexit provides turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find exactly what the user is looking for, when needed, especially on the go.

Users can search for any combination of restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions, the cheapest and most gasoline based on price, distance and specific characteristics.

The founders of the app say it is currently available for free on the App Store: Apple iOS ( and it will be on Android soon.

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Unique selling points

Nexit is an intuitive travel application that predicts where the user is going and shows him what is in each exit.

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The app is equivalent to the highway driving co-pilot that every road user always wanted, right on the phone. Nexit can anticipate the route and shows the user restaurants, hotels, service stations, shops and attractions relevant to the road trip, grouped by departure.

Step-by-step visual and voice instructions will guide the user to any stop they can select, while incorporating updated traffic information for the fastest movement.

Nexit will only show places along the route, so the user never turns or drives too far from the road.

Launched a couple of months ago, the app is primarily enjoyed by road users in America at the moment, it is quite possibly the only all-in-one app for road commuters as it goes beyond what provided by existing mapping applications.

In addition to step-by-step instructions, Nexit also helps drivers customize the perfect road trip by finding exactly what they want, when they need it, and on the road they are traveling on. Not surprisingly, right at launch, it attracted $ 10 million in funds.

Making a difference

Unlike other competing maps, Nexit allows users to search for any combination of travel destinations and services, including popular restaurants, hotels, shops, attractions, and the cheapest gas along their route.

Users can also search by multiple preferences, such as a hotel with a pool or a restaurant with dining options, to find the next highway exit that best suits their needs.

Nexit’s industry-leading search functions are available to plan a user’s roadside stops ideally before setting off or to find the exit that meets all user needs in real time.

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Company President Dr. Vincent Ebuh said coming up with such an innovation gives him a different fulfillment of all his exploits in the oil and gas sector, where he has pioneered the growth of the upstream sector as an explorer.

Excited Ebuh said at the launch: “We are delighted to bring this game-changing app to the market just as millions of Americans are gearing up to hit the road for vacation travel. We know there will be high demand from users who often They are frustrated by the limits of other mapping apps.

“We are proud to make road trips easier and more enjoyable with Nexit.

“The application covers the entire continental United States and its premium features are free for all users. Nexit is a global application currently available in the App Store for Apple iOS operating systems and will soon come to Android. To date, the application has raised $ 10 million in funds, “he reported.

To corroborate this, Nexit President and CEO Randy Carpenter said: “All existing navigation apps tell you where to drive, only Nexit tells you where to stop.

“We’ve all been there, you’re on a road trip and settle for the food you don’t want, only to find out that your favorite chain was two exits away or that you’ve filled up on gas only to find it cheaper at The Next Station . Nexit is the road copilot you have always wanted, “he added.

Very good reviews

The app has received rave reviews as top app reviewers describe it as the smartest map a road user will use, and it solves many common frustrations of existing navigation apps.

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One reviewer said, “If you Google or Apple Maps McDonald’s, you will see every McDonald’s location near you, even if it’s 20 minutes in the opposite direction. But, Nexit only shows you the options that are on the way.”

Nexit Search Features

Users can search hotel brands to find reliable national hotels that meet any budget.
* Hotel services: to find places that have a gym; Pet-friendly, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, RV parking, pool, and more
* Gas ​​Stations – to find convenience stores, tire air, a service mechanic, restrooms, and more
* Gas ​​Prices: to locate the cheapest gasoline within the next 50 miles along your route, updated in real time
* Restaurants: to find your favorite chain, type of food, dietary restrictions or options that have dinner, fast food, take away food, open 24 hours, full bar, children’s play area and more
* Rest areas – to find places that have an assistant guard, dog walking area, picnic tables, baby changing tables and more
* Attractions: to find amusement parks, bowling alleys and more along the route.

Nexit users can search by business name or type of stop and even filter by price, distance and more.

New feature

Meanwhile, the app still handles massive transformation on a daily basis. Just six months after launch, the app has introduced an additional feature called City Mode.

City Mode has turned NEXIT into the app, which reinvented roads and now reinvents the city. It has a purpose for the user when walking through the city, driving through the state or planning a trip around the country.

* City walk function: show multiple search results simultaneously by brand and by service.


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