Anita Joseph brandishes a new body


Nollywood diva Anita Joseph takes no prisoners when it comes to showing what Mother Nature has blessed her with. We have seen it in all kinds of killer photos; bikinis, shorts, dresses with a low neckline that leave nothing but gaping mouths and many unfulfilled desires.

Speaking of outlets? Many would tell you it’s her butt or her butt, but this walking sex drive time bomb comes with both butt and butt packages and they come in a nice nice measure too.

When Potpourri once asked her which one she appreciates the most, it was a question that made the actress angry that she couldn’t figure out which is which as she has a good supply of both. But now it seems that the actress has worked on them by losing weight a bit.

The cheerful actress declares on her Instagram page: “Thank goodness I have lost this weight now. Courtesy of @weightlossbymma. I know many of you did not want me to lose weight. They said chai wetin, other girls would pay millions for you to have it in quantity, in abundance and in excess. That weight is a weight you won’t understand. “

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Anita Joseph brandishes a new body

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