Apostle Suleman Slams N1 Billion Lawsuit Against Halima Abubakar


The case between the Nollywood actress halima abubakar Y Apostle Suleman Johnsonthe founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, has taken a new turn when the preacher formally sued her in court.

The preacher, through his legal representatives, Ephesus Lex Attorneys & Solicitors, brought Ms. Abubakar to justice. J. Enobie Obanor of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja Judicial Division.

In October 2022, Apostle Johnson Suleman filed a case against him for alleged defamation.

The trial begins on March 25.

In 2022, the Apostle filed an appeal against the actress seeking various reparations against her.

It was the first time he would publicly react to the matter since it came to light in July 2022 after Gistlover made a post linking his alleged affair with the Apostle to the fibroid surgery he underwent.

Later, the actress’s brothers called the apostle on Instagram and asked him to stay away from her.

Among other things, the Apostle sought a statement that his post was defamatory.

He also demanded that she offer an unreserved apology and other monetary damages.

Barely 24 hours have passed since she did a live session on Instagram about her relationship with Apostle Suleman.

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As if aware of the lawsuit, the actress on Friday repeatedly tried to hold an Instagram live session with the notorious faceless blogger, Gistlover.

The session could not take place due to a bad connection, which the faceless blogger attributed to ‘spiritual’ interference from Apostle Suleman.

Proceedings Begin

In the absence of the actress not complying with her demands, the Apostle and her legal representatives have initiated legal proceedings against her.

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Suleman’s legal representative, Rodney Adzuanaga, told PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday that instead of complying with the clergymen’s initial cease and desist notice, the actress bragged that she was willing to meet in court.

“Then we archived our process and received a court order to continue with the process. As it is, she has been served. Since we don’t know her address here in Abuja, we decided to send her the notice through the Daily Trust newspaper.

“Whether she comes to court or not is none of our business. We have to prove our case, and the court will take it from there. What I do know is that she has been notified,” she said.


Before the start of the legal proceedings, Ms. Abubakar, who is said to be suffering from an undisclosed ailment, alleged that she once dated the Apostle,

She also, among other things, accused the apostle of being behind her ailment, noting that if anything happened to her, he should be responsible.

The apostle, who recently survived a gun attack, is filing defamation charges against the actress.

According to the court document, his statements injured his character, credit, reputation, integrity and ministry.

Mr. Suleman is asking the court for an order ordering the defendant to publish a retraction of her defamatory statements posted on her Instagram account @Halimabubakar and various online blogs and newspapers.

It is also seeking an order making it pay for the removal of all links and the reporting of such defamatory comments on all Internet platforms.

Other demands include the sum of N1 billion as aggravated and exemplary damages for libel, a life injunction order restraining her, her agents or servants or otherwise from publishing or causing to be published such or similar defamatory statements. of the plaintiff.

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In addition, he is also seeking an order for Ms Abubakar to pay the sum of N20 million, the legal fees paid to the lawyer handling this lawsuit.


In October 2022, Ms. Abubakar, who started acting in 2001 when she played a supporting role in ‘Rejected’, announced that she was leaving her job.

The controversial actress broke the news on her official Instagram page.

Although he did not state the reasons behind the decision, the title of the post, ‘rejuvenate and continue to heal’, suggests that it may have to do with his declining health.

For months on end, the once-famous actress accused the controversial cleric of reneging on his promise to marry her.

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She also said that he was behind an undisclosed life-threatening ailment that had plagued her for years.

The preacher then issued a cease and desist notice to the actress.

The cleric accused his Abubakar of posting malicious, defamatory and demeaning statements about him on various microblogging sites, mainly Gistlover.

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Apostle Suleman Slams N1 Billion Lawsuit Against Halima Abubakar

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