Apple boss Tim Cook writes open letter on racism


Apple CEO Tim Cook has released an open letter denouncing the police murder of George Floyd and the “much longer history of racism” that preceded him.

The letter, which appeared Thursday on Apple’s website, is largely identical to the note Cook sent Sunday to Apple employees about Floyd’s death and the protests that followed.

“George Floyd’s death is shocking and tragic proof that we must aim far beyond a” normal “future and build one that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice,” Cook said in the letter.

The letter includes a promise that Apple will bring “critical resources and technology to underserved school systems” and work to improve diversity. According to company data, only 9 percent of Apple employees were black as of December 2018.

“We always draw strength from diversity, we welcome people from all walks of life in our stores around the world, and we strive to build an Apple that is inclusive of everyone,” Cook wrote. “But we must do more.”

Cook said the recent outrage was sparked not only by Floyd’s murder but also by the history of racism that “is still present today, not only in the form of violence but in the daily experience of deep-seated discrimination.” He noted the criminal justice system, inequalities in education and “the disproportionate cost of the disease in black and brown communities.”

Several tech giants have released statements condemning racism this week amid massive protests against police brutality. Some have also opened their wallets to support the protesters’ cause: Cook said Apple is giving money to organizations like the Fair Justice Initiative, while Facebook has promised $ 10 million to racial justice groups.

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