BAT ambassadors seek one million votes for Tinubu in Lagos


Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) ambassadors have vowed to mobilize at least one million voters in Lagos for All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in next month’s presidential election.

The movement’s state coordinator, Abdurrahman Lekki, who revealed this in Lagos yesterday after the formal inauguration of state, council and district executives, said the group is positioned to achieve its goal.

“All the central mosques, local mosques and various organizations are with us and our goal is at least one million votes. We are structured to deliberately mobilize people of other faiths and also to collaborate.

He said: “So the collaboration that we’re doing is saying that even though we understand our differences, they don’t really matter. We have many Christian counterparts who say this is where we want to go and they are with us. So ours is just the million, they also say they’ll make a million, and we’re in close collaboration and networking with them.

“Asiwaju is the presidential candidate to beat, that is our president-in-waiting. I’m not sure there are other candidates who have any chance. What pedigree do they have? What network do you have? We are sure to win this election; he is ours.”

The National Secretary of the movement, Prof. Abdulmojeed Alabi, who inaugurated the executives, said that the BAT Ambassadors are fighting for the people who will make the country great.

He described Tinubu as the best option for the country at the moment, saying: “We have seen what he is capable of doing. Having done it in Lagos; Having been able to mobilize different calibers of people to do the right jobs at the right time, we feel that this is the type of person we need now.

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“We should be moving from house to house, from town to town, from street to street to make sure we speak to ourselves that Nigeria needs to move beyond where we are now. The man who can do the job for us is Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.”

Prof Alabi, who revealed that the BAT Ambassadors for Nigerian Greatness is a political group dedicated to Tinubu’s election in 2023, said they believe in their ability. “We believe that he is the one who will take Nigeria to a higher place. But we can’t just sit back and hope that’s the case.”

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BAT ambassadors seek one million votes for Tinubu in Lagos

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