Brazilian descendants in Lagos launch Portuguese class


The Brazilian Descendants Association in Lagos (BDA) together with the Federative Republic of Brazil have launched the Portuguese language class in the Lagos Island area of ​​the state.

Taiwo Salvador, Director of Education Research, BDA, in a statement on Thursday said the program aimed to promote the Portuguese language and provide young people with a world-class opportunity.

Ms. Salvador said that the program was to encourage young people to establish the language in the Brazilian community in the state.

According to her, the Portuguese language is one of the main languages ​​spoken in Brazilian communities.

He highlighted the benefits of the program and added that being bilingual was an additional merit to explore the world.

He urged beneficiaries to take the program seriously.

“With a letter that proves this, the Brazilian government gave us the opportunity and permission to establish the language in the community.

“Anywhere you go and you can speak an additional language, it is an advantage for you and gives you the privilege of having other opportunities.

“So, the benefit of the language has two phases: establishing it in our community and the benefit of traveling to Brazil for four years to study any discipline with no tuition cost.

“When you are reading your Bible, make it the second thing you do and when you are doing your traditional worship, make it the second thing you are doing because it will take you places and it will change your life,” he said. .

Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, wife of the Lagos state governor, who is also a descendant of Brazilians from the Carrena family, represented by Olumide Ibitoye, described the program as landmark and historic.

“I am delighted to participate in this historic and emblematic event that marks the formal launch of the Portuguese language program of the Brazilian Association of Descendants of Lagos supported by the Brazilian government to promote skill and knowledge in our beloved state.

“Without a shred of doubt, this program, which is the first of its kind at the grassroots level of the Brazilian government to promote the Portuguese language in Brazilian neighborhoods on Lagos Island, is laudable and remarkable.

“It is a great step forward in advancing the rich cultural and historical ties between Lagos and Brazil.

“It is a statement of fact that Lagos and Brazil have a lot in common historically, Brazilians in Nigeria, who are known as Agudas, settled in Lagos and created the Brazilian neighborhoods,” he said.

Ms. Sanwo-Olu said that the history of Lagos State cannot be effectively told without abundant references to the role played by European traders and travelers who were some of the first settlers of the kingdom of Lagos.

She said that history says that as a result of Lagos’ geographical location in the lagoon, Portuguese traders gave the island its name, Lagos, while Lagos Island for the indigenous population is called Eko.

“This sets out clearly the fact that we have much in common and there must be a concerted effort to revive and reinforce historical awareness, particularly among the younger generations.

“This is to appreciate where we came from, where we are now and where we need to go in the future.

“Therefore, on behalf of the good people of Lagos State, especially the Association of Brazilian Descendants of Lagos, allow me to warmly thank the Government of Brazil, through the Brazilian Consulate in Lagos.

“For the healthy initiative designed to support and promote the teaching of the Portuguese language in our beloved state.

“It is particularly commendable that the Brazilian Consulate is working to promote cultural appreciation through the use of the Portuguese language among interested family members of the Brazilian Descendants Association,” he said.

Ms. Sanwo-Olu noted that this would go a long way in helping family members appreciate their rich cultural heritage and use it for effective communication.

“It is also instructive that the program has been designed to provide qualified members with the opportunity to continue their education at Brazilian higher institutions.

“For us in the state of Lagos, we are proud and happy to identify with the various steps of the Association of Brazilian Descendants of Lagos to ensure that the historical link between Lagos and Brazil is not completely relegated,” he said.

In addition, Gaizamo Martins, President of the BDA, presented the chronological background of the Brazilian Descendants and their unique upbringing.

Mr. Martins pointed out that most of them were predominantly Christian.

Lagos State Education Commissioner Folashade Adefisayo, represented by Hashrup Taiwo, Director of the Center for International Multilingual Resources, said the state places great value on the teaching and learning of all languages ​​through the Centre.

Ms. Adefisayo said that the Center was located in six educational centers.

He noted that Chinese, French, German and Arabic, among others, are currently being studied at the various designated centers.

He reiterated the government’s willingness to partner with BDA to include the Portuguese language in Lagos schools.


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