Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet


Here are five foods from Nigeria that are good for you to include in your diet.

Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet: According to the findings of a study that was carried out over the course of two decades (1990–2010) and included participants from 187 different nations, diets in Sub-Saharan Africa are significantly more beneficial to one’s health than diets in other regions of the world. According to the findings of the study, native diets in Sub-Saharan Africa are high in dietary fiber, which is healthy for the heart, and low in added sugar, fat, and sodium. These findings are based on foods that are common in West African countries.

We have compiled a list of tasty and nutritious dishes from many ethnic cuisines. They are as follows:

Edikang Ikong Soup

Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet

Because the majority of this dish consists of veggies, it is considered to be one of the healthiest meals available anywhere in the United States. The fresh green fluted pumpkin leaves (also known as ugu) and waterleaf are the two primary vegetables that are typically used in the preparation of this dish (“Efo gure” and “Mgbolondi” in Yoruba and Igbo languages respectively). The consumption of waterleaf can facilitate better blood circulation, increased immunity, and weight loss.

The leaves of the pumpkin contain a high concentration of antioxidants, which protect against cancer, reduce anemia by increasing blood production, and stimulate fertility. In addition to this, it acts as an anti-diabetic drug that can assist in maintaining a healthy level of glucose in the blood.

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Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet

This well-liked dish is loaded with beneficial fats, protein, and a number of different vitamins. Egusi is excellent for the treatment of boils, as well as the skin, digestion, and the battle against inflammation and breast cancer cells. Because of its high oil content, it is preferable to use very little oil in order to reap the maximum benefits that it offers to one’s health.

Plantain pottage

Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet

A plantain pottage is a meal that is simple to prepare, and it is both delicious and nutritious. It is a good source of important nutrients such as potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin C, iron, high in fiber, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A and B6, and more because it is made from unripe plantains. Other essential minerals are also present.

The benefits to one’s health include a strengthening of the immune system, assistance with digestion, provision of sufficient energy, protection against anemia, and regulation of blood sugar levels (which makes it perfect for diabetic patients).

Moimoi or Moin-Moin

Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet

This is a terrific option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner because it is made from beans, which are a nutritious source of protein, fat, fiber, and other nutrients. It is suitable for people of all ages, including children and adults, vegetarians and diabetics, pregnant women, and nursing moms.

Ofada rice

Check out these 5 healthy Nigerian foods to add to your diet

Ofada rice comes highly recommended by the State Nutrition Officer of the Oyo State Ministry of Health, Dr. (Mrs.) Khadijah Alarape, as a more nutritious alternative to white rice.

“A wholegrain like ofada rice has three layers; the bran, germ and the endosperm. The bran contains most of the nutrients and when the whole grain is processed to white or polished rice, majority of the nutrients, most especially in the bran are lost,” she explains. Ofada is packed with nutrients that can help prevent gall and colon stones. Additionally, it is an excellent treatment for lowering levels of bad cholesterol and preventing constipation. The Ogun State region of Southwestern Nigeria is nearly entirely responsible for the cultivation of this particular kind of rice.

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