Contemporary Nigerian artists you should know



Every person who appreciates art should be familiar with the artists who are now having an impact on the contemporary art scene in Nigeria.



Contemporary Nigerian artists you should know


Contemporary Nigerian artists you should know: The world is paying attention to Nigeria because the country has recently rediscovered its cultural heritage and recognized the importance of incorporating traditional symbols into modern artistic expression.

The contemporary art scene is successful in luring financial backers, grant providers, patrons, and customers, all of which contribute to the thriving art market and help artists ascend the social hierarchy. Rich Nigerians are competing with one another to purchase works created by local artists. These are some of the more modern painters who are having an impact on the art landscape in Nigeria today.

Peju Alatise

Peju Alatise, who was born in 1975, is a multi-talented artist who also writes, publishes poetry, and holds a degree in architecture. She expresses her thoughts on identity as well as the impressions and reflections that women have of themselves and of society through the use of a variety of artistic mediums. Her work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, among other prestigious institutions across the world.

Nnenna Okore

Nnenna Okore was born in Nigeria in 1979, but she spent her childhood in Nsukka, Nigeria. These days, she resides in the United States of America and works there. Her primary area of expertise is sculpture, which she teaches at North Park University in Chicago. Okore is recognized for using found objects and changing them into works of art with wonderful textures and hues. He specializes in abstract sculpture made from textured materials and creates his sculptures using these materials. She was raised at a time when she witnessed many man-made structures standing in stark contrast to the natural surroundings, which serves as a source of creativity for her. Her artworks convey ideas associated with deterioration, aging, and change.

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Victoria Udondian

Victoria Udondian, who was born in 1982 and has degrees in painting, tailoring, and fashion design, is an accomplished fashion designer. Her works primarily consist of textiles, such as burlap and clothing that has been used previously, and she frequently uses found materials. She creates works of art out of the textiles, weaving them together to create pieces that explore cultural contamination and the ongoing interaction between modern ideals and more traditional ones.

Adamu Waziri

An animator by the name of Adamu Waziri has taken it upon himself to re-animate African cartoons in a style more appropriate for children. His cartoons, such as “Bino and Fino,” portray Africa in a more positive light than the typical primitive and jungle views seen in cartoons.

Marcia Kure

Marcia Kure is a painter who was born in Kano but currently resides and works in the United States. Her work uses a variety of mediums to discuss topics such as parenthood, pop culture, and violence against women. The ethereal beauty of Kure’s paintings and collages provides a striking juxtaposition to the frequently harsh themes contained inside them. To envision new subjectivities and ways of being, Kure navigates a variety of material, including traditional fashion aesthetics, classic juvenile fiction, African masks, and children’s toys.

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