Coronavirus: Keep your hands clean, Adamawa govt indigenes, commission isolation center


The Adamawa state government on Friday commissioned a coronavirus isolation center in the state capital, Yola, with a call to people to keep their hands clean as a vital element in preventing the virus.

State Commissioner for Health and Human Development, Professor Abdullahi Isa, who unveiled the Coronavirus Isolation Center at the State Specialist Hospital, Yola, said clean hands are vital, since most of the ways in which Contact the virus involve hands.

He said: "There are many ways to contact the coronavirus, including shaking an infected person's hand, handling that person's money, holding a contaminated railing, etc.

“That is why we are telling our people to always wash and disinfect their hands and keep clean. This precaution is necessary because you cannot avoid contact with people. You can't say you won't shake hands. So, the most important thing is hand hygiene. At least you should always wash your hands with soap and water. ”

He said that, especially with the opening of the isolation center, the state is ready to face any emergency related to the coronavirus virus.

He told reporters that they met in the recently dedicated building for the isolation of suspected coronavirus patients: “We came today to inform the public about our emergency preparedness. It became essential for us to prepare an emergency site where, if we have a case of coronavirus, we can handle it.

"We have an isolated place here, properly prepared to attend to these patients, and in case we have to refer any patient, we have a dedicated reserve ambulance for their transfer."

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He revealed that, to educate people, including those in rural areas, committees had been established in each of the 21 areas of the local state government to interact with health officials and convey a preventive message to people.

This, he said, adds to radio and television jingles that give appropriate messages about the coronavirus.

The Coronavirus Isolation Center at the Yola Specialist Hospital is a two-story, 10-bed facility with staff equipped to provide the isolation services that may arise.