Court rejects Baba Ijesha’s bail request


An Ikeja Special Crimes Court on Wednesday rejected the request for bail pending the appeal filed by the convicts. nollywood actor, James ‘Baba Ijesha’ Olarenwaju.

The judge, Oluwatoyin Taiwo, rejected the beleaguered actor’s request for bail because he did not meet exceptional circumstances and criteria.

On July 14, the court sentenced the embattled actor to five years in prison for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

“The applicant must prove special and exceptional circumstances because the term granted is five years, which are concurrent,” said the judge.

“There is no evidence that the appeal has been filed, and there is no indication before this court that the court will not deal with the case on an expedited basis.

“In the opinion of this court, the applicant has not shown exceptional circumstances that would warrant release on bail because he is facing a felony.

“Given this case, I am inclined to deny the bail request of applicants pending appeal.”


The embattled actor is seeking bail on an appeal of his five-year sentence for sexually assaulting a minor.

Gabriel Olabiran, the plaintiff’s attorney, on August 10, informed the court of the bail notice pending appeal that had been filed under Section 6 (6) of the 1999 Constitution as amended and Section 51 of the Act of the Lagos State High Court, administration of criminal justice law.

Mr. Olabiran argued that the application allowed the applicant to be released on bail, either unconditionally or under reasonable conditions.

He said the application was filed with the court due to the difficulty in obtaining a date in the Court of Appeal.

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However, the state prosecutor, Yusuf Sule, in an affidavit, argued that the defense did not establish in his speech the particular circumstances that could grant the convict bail.

Baba Ijesha’s rape trial lasted more than 12 months from her arrest and arraignment in June 2021.

Since April 22, Baba Ijesha has been embroiled in a messy rape trial for allegedly sexually assaulting Princess’s 14-year-old adopted daughter.

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