Different types of love and their meanings



Different types of love and their meanings: Ever considered how many different kinds of love there are in this world? If you have, then allow us to inform you about the various types of love that you may encounter throughout your life. Most likely, you are already experiencing them and are completely unaware of it!

The different types of love and what they mean

The concept of love has been around for centuries, and it appears that everyone has at least a basic understanding of what it is. But what exactly are the different kinds of love? What is the total number of them? What exactly do they mean? In this article, we will attempt to provide answers to these questions. Many classifications of love exist, but our favorite, which dates all the way back to Ancient Greece, contains eight different types of love. Let’s take a look at each one of them and see what they mean individually.

Different types of love and their meanings

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Phileo love

Phileo love, which is also known as Philia in some translations, is affectionate love or love between two people who are close to each other. The ancient Greeks considered this to be a more valuable type of love than Eros, because it is a love that is shared by equals. Plato, one of the most famous minds of the time, spoke frequently about this type of love, which is why it is referred to as ‘platonic love’. While Eros is based on intense physical attraction, Philia is founded on loyalty, camaraderie, and a sense of sacrifice, rather than on intense physical attraction. As a result, it remains active for as long as the friendly relationship remains active, resulting in a much longer lifespan in most cases.

Storge love

This type is quite similar to Phileo in that it is not based on physical attraction, but rather on emotional attraction. The love between friends and fellow soldiers is represented by Philia; the love between family members is represented by Storge. This describes the affection that most people have for their family members. After all of this has been said, if you’ve known someone for a long period of time (for example, your childhood friend), your feelings for them fall into this category as well. When people are close to one another, stoge is a natural and powerful love that flows between them, and blood is not always a determining factor.

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Philautia Love

‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love someone else?’ said the legendary RuPaul Charles. As a result, when we talk about love, it is critical not to overlook the importance of self-love, which the Greeks referred to as Philautia.

Keep in mind, however, that when we talk about Philautia, we are not referring to the unhealthy obsession with one’s own person, also known as narcissism. We are referring to the unhealthy obsession with one’s own person. Self-love is defined as the feeling of being at ease in one’s own skin that allows one to gain a better understanding of oneself. It is only after you have learned to love yourself that you will be able to learn to love others, whether in a romantic or platonic relationship.

Different types of love and their meanings

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Ludus love

As Ludus is the affectionate and playful love that is often present between young lovers, you may recall having experienced this type of love in your younger years. Additionally, it is frequently experienced during the early stages of a relationship, as it is associated with butterflies in the stomach, flirting, teasing, and other such behaviors. Even though Ludus shares some characteristics with Eros, because it is frequently motivated by a desire for physical intimacy, Ludus typically goes beyond that. Despite the fact that most romantic relationships begin with this type of love, it can be lost over time as the element of playfulness fades from the equation. A great deal of effort must be put forth in order to keep Ludus alive, as it is difficult to keep the relationship fresh and exciting indefinitely.

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Mania love

It is possible to experience Mania if there is an imbalance between the Ludus and Eros in a person’s chemistry. In this type of love, a person becomes obsessed with their partner, to the point where they become obnoxious about them. They may become overly possessive, jealous, and co-dependent, believing that their lives would be incomplete if they did not have the person they are obsessing over. This is most common when the feelings are one-sided, as well as when a person has low self-esteem and is looking for someone who can help them feel more confident in their own abilities. If this emotion is not dealt with in a healthy manner, it has the potential to become extremely problematic for all those involved.

Eros love

Eros, also known as sexual love, is probably one of the most well-known types of love in the world. It was given this name in honor of Zeus, the Greek god of fertility and love, and it represents sexual desire and passion. According to the Greeks, it was frightening and dangerous because it usually involves a loss of control as a result of the primal instinct to reproduce. This type of love does not last for very long at all. However, it burns out just as quickly as it is ignited, despite the fact that it is incredibly hot. It must be ‘fanned’ by other forms of love in order to continue to burn because it is so shallow and focused on physical pleasure and infatuation that it requires something more substantial in order to keep burning.

Different types of love and their meanings


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Pragma love

People who have been through thick and thin with their partner (or even close friends) and have remained together are said to be experiencing Pragma love, which refers to a type of love that has developed and matured over time. It goes beyond the ordinary and the physical. This type of relationship is extremely rare; most of the time, we spend all of our energy and time searching for love, and we forget to maintain the love that we already possess. It also necessitates effort on both sides, as it flows between people who are capable of making concessions and who have demonstrated patience and perseverance in order to make the relationship possible.

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Agape love

Maybe you’re wondering, what exactly is Agape love? It is the kind of love that, unfortunately, does not manifest itself in its purest form very often in our contemporary world. The definition of agape love is basically unconditional, selfless love. It is greater than ourselves, and it is free of any expectations or desires that we might have. At the end of the day, it is the love that the Bible speaks of: love that accepts, protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres, and does so solely for the purpose of spreading kindness. Many religions consider it to be the divine truth, something that we should all strive to achieve and share with others, according to their beliefs.

In conclusion, there are many different types of love, and chances are that you have experienced at least a few of them at some point in your life already. If you haven’t, don’t be discouraged; everything is still ahead of you. Simply open your heart and allow the love to flow through you!


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Different types of love and their meanings

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