DSS Agents Beat Fawale to Death, Witness Tells Osun Coroner


A witness, Mr. Wasiu Adeniji, told an Osun State Coroner’s Inquiry investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a police corporal, Mr. Rauf Fawale, that David Olowoporoku, one of the Department’s officers The State Security Service (DSS) in the state, accused of beating Fawale to death along with two others, did not deny the act the night he was arrested.

Olowoporoku and two other secret police officers are alleged to have attacked Fawale at midnight on January 14, 2021.

Adeniji, owner of Riverside Lounge & Bar, Osogbo, where the three DSS officers and Fawale had visited for fun, said he was told that Olowoporoku and two of his colleagues beat Fawale to the point of injuring his head, an incident that later led to his death.

Adeniji at the resumption of the forensic investigation led by Chief Magistrate Olusegun Ayilara, said that when the victim was taken to Osun State University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Olowoporoku he was already drunk, adding that the drunken officer did not deny attacking to Fawale.

He said that a police officer, Inspector Medinat Badmus, who arrested Olowoporoku at the scene of the incident, informed him and others that Fawale was brutalized by Olowoporoku and two of his colleagues at the bar.

He said: “Around 2am while I was sleeping I got a call from Mr Adisa that something was going on in Riverside. I called my manager and he told me that one of our customers, Mr. Fawale, was attacked about 80 meters from the bar.

“I went there with my wife. I met inspector Medinat, Mr. Adisa and Olowoporoku and my manager and two other cyclists from Okada. I walked into the emergency room and found Mr. Fawale in bed.

“I saw Medinat calling Mr. Femi Adewara on the phone that one of his officers injured someone and they had arrested Olowoporoku. Inspector Medinat recounted how three DSS officers attacked Fawale and two of them walked away from her but she only caught Olowoporoku. Olowoporoku was already drunk at the time.

“After much deliberation, they said what do we want? I said it’s between DSS and the police.

“I noticed that my manager was paying for Fawale’s treatment and now I told them that since Olowoporoku does not deny that something happened, and since it was my manager who was paying, I will ask for my money back, since the incident did not happen in the bar. “That’s when Mr. Adewara now called Ibrahim and Mustapha (DSS officers) to reimburse Olowoporoku. I think they reimbursed him because they then transferred the sum of N30,000 to my manager.”

Another witness, Osun DSS Commando doctor Olu-Kayode Olumide, said he treated Olowoporoku for injuries he sustained the night of the incident after he was mistaken for a thug.

“They called me that I have an emergency at the clinic. Arriving at the clinic, I found my officer, David Olowoporoku in front of the clinic, with blood stains on his head, I took him to the dressing room. Because of the blood stains on his head, I had to shave the hair around the wound. I asked him what happened and he told me that he was in Riverside the night before and was mistaken for some thugs who started a fight at the club.

“I asked him if he had been hit with something, he said he didn’t remember. After the treatment, she continued to complain of a headache. After that, I asked him to be taken to Union Diagnostic Centre, Osogbo for a skull x-ray and the x-ray showed that there was no skull fracture. I admitted him to the clinic and then released him,” he said.

The additional hearing on the matter has been adjourned until tomorrow (Wednesday).

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