Emirates Releases Global Illustration Film On Human Trafficking


By Juliet Umeh

An innovative airline, Emirates, in collaboration with actor Liam Neeson, said it has released the latest global film in the It’s a Penalty campaign, “Ice”, to keep the world abreast of the tricks surrounding human trafficking.

He said the film raises awareness about human trafficking so that suspected cases can be identified and reported, thus protecting and preventing those at risk of becoming victims.

According to the company, starting in October, it will stream the film on its “ice” inflight entertainment system on all flights starting in October, hoping to shed light on this global problem and help more people understand what it is. human trafficking.

He said Nigerian travelers can watch this movie while on board as one of the world’s largest connectors of people and places, nothing that is committed to playing its part in helping to stop this crime against humanity.

The company recalled: “The Emirates Group has a policy against slavery and human trafficking, and annually publishes transparency statements on the Modern Slavery Act as part of its ongoing commitment to combat this crime.

Through its security division, Emirates works with government agencies and organizations, including the International Air Transport Association, IATA, the US Foreign Security Advisory Council, OSAC and the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime, UNODC, in efforts to improve awareness of human trafficking. and cooperate on effective response strategies within the air transport industry.

“Recognizing that front-line employees at the airport and on board flights are in a unique position to police this type of crime, Emirates has invested for several years in training programs to assist its airport staff and crew. To be aware of this crime the tools to identify and report suspected cases of human trafficking to the corresponding police organizations.

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“At the Emirates hub at Dubai International Airport, a team of aviation security personnel received special training from embassy partners on how to spot potential human smugglers while verifying travel documents and profiling passengers and behavioral analysis, “the company said.


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