Even though Earth is Doomsday, this animal is predicted to survive


A creature is predicted to survive even if the Sun dies in about seven billion years and creates havoc on the planet Earth. What creature is it?

Launch Mirror UKthat creature is tardigrades or also called water bear. Tardigrades have eight legs, they can survive without eating or drinking for more than 30 years. Tardigrades can survive at altitudes such as the Himalayas or below 13,000 feet (3,962.4 meters) below sea level.

Crazy again, he can survive in the frozen air of outer space, in temperatures over boiling, solar storms to deadly radiation.

Tardigrade: This is a form of ‘water bear’ that washed up on the moon and survived Photo: BBC Magazine

resilience tardigrades with bad circumstances get the attention of scientists including from Oxford University. They found that even if there was a threat of a giant asteroid (which is believed to have wiped out the dinosaur civilization), it would not be able to wipe out the tardigrades. Not even a star exploding in a supernova or gamma-ray burst can kill it. This study has been published in Scientific Reports.

Dr. Rafael Alves Batista said humans are sensitive creatures and are always protected by technology. As it turns out, there are many creatures that are stronger than humans in terms of survival. One of them is tardigrades.

“Tardigrades are nearly indestructible on Earth, but there may be examples of other resilient species elsewhere in the universe. In this context, there is a clear case for searching for life on Mars and in other areas of the solar system in general. If tardigrades are the most tough on Earth, who knows what else is out there,” he said.

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Tardigrades are microscopic creatures that are only 5 mm in size. He can be found in volcanoes, jungles, to Antarctica. This creature is also immune to radiation at the level of 6200 Gy, which is usually implemented in chemotherapy treatment.

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Even though Earth is Doomsday, this animal is predicted to survive

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