Ever Photographed a Ghost? There is a scientific explanation lol


Photographed a Ghost: The existence of ghosts is often discussed, there is even a special discussion about ghosts science. Eureka! latest science program from detikINET will discuss this with the expert, Mickey Oxcygentri as a photography lecturer at Singaperbangsa Karawang University.

Mickey said he was very interested in studying ghost photography. He also founded the Ghost Photography Community (GPC) in 2013.

“That’s right, this community is science-based,” Mickey said when contacted detikINET some time ago related to the GPC community.

What do you think about this topic Ever Photographed a Ghost? There is a scientific explanation lolCurious about science ghost photography what does Mickey Oxcygentri do? Read more on ‘Eureka!: Ghost Photography’ which will be attended by Mickey Oxcygentri and Aldi, the Head of GPC Karawang, who wrote a thesis about pesugihan. Live on the detikINET site as well as YouTube and Facebook detikcom on Monday, February 21, 2022.

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