Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth



Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth: Osita Iheme is a well-known actor in Nollywood who is best recognized for the humorous parts he has played during the course of his successful acting career. He is well recognized for his performance in the film Aki na Ukwa, in which he co-starred with Chinedu Ikedieze as the character Pawpaw.

Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth

Source: instagram.com, @ositaiheme

Osita Iheme is widely regarded as one of the most well-known performers in all of Nigeria. In most situations, he behaves like a naughty youngster with an endearingly goofy disposition. Due to his impressive acting abilities, Osita has a large number of devoted followers. He is responsible for putting smiles on the faces of a great number of people.

Profile outline

  • Full name: Osita Iheme
  • Date of birth: 20th February 1982
  • Place of birth: Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Age: 39 years (as of 2021)
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Height: 4 feet and 3 inches
  • Weight: 38 kgs
  • Education: Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Lagos State
  • University Profession: Actor, producer, comedian
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Net worth: $3.5 million
  • Instagram: @ositaIheme
  • Twitter: @ositaiheme
  • YouTube: Osita Iheme
  • Email: osman4live@yahoo.com


Osita Iheme’s parents, Augustine and Herbert Iheme, welcomed him into the world on February 20th, 1982. He is the fifth and final child in the family. The actor is originally from Mbaitoli, which is located in Imo State in Nigeria.


Abia State, Nigeria served both the actor’s primary and secondary schools during his early years. After some time had passed, he decided to enroll at Lagos University, from where he ultimately received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

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Osita kicked off his acting career in Nollywood while he was a child, appearing in movies in supporting roles. After starring as Pawpaw with Chinedu Ikedieze in the comedic film Aki na Ukwa in the year 2002, he shot to fame in Nigeria as a result of the film’s success. After gaining more notoriety, he quickly started appearing in a variety of films in a variety of roles. His ability to play a wide variety of roles as an actor offered him an advantage, and as a result, he has been featured in a significant number of Hollywood films over the past decade.

Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth

Source: instagram.com, @ositaiheme

As a result of his extensive participation in a wide range of films, the actor has established a name for himself and garnered the respect of his peers in the Nigerian film business. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has had a significant influence on the Nollywood business thanks to the sly and hilarious qualities he possesses. The act that Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze gave in the film Aki na Ukwa in 2002 is still frequently referenced. They have amassed a global following as a result of memes spreading across a variety of social media platforms, which contributed to the growth of that audience.

Since he first began his career as an actor, Osita has appeared in more than 200 films. As a multitalented actor who can play both tragic and humorous roles, he has astounded both audiences and reviewers with his performances. In a span of fewer than ten years, Osita Iheme has established herself as one of the most in-demand actors in Nollywood. The following is a list of some of the most successful films in which he has appeared as a leading actor:

  • Aka Gum (2002)
  • Okwu na Uka (2002)
  • Johnny Just Come (2003)
  • Nicodemus (2003)
  • Nwa Teacher (2003)
  • Twin Brothers (2003)
  • 2 Rats (2003)
  • Aki na Ukwa (2003)
  • I’m in Love (2003)
  • Baby Police (2003)
  • Back from America 2 (2003)
  • Charge & Bail (2003)
  • Tell Them (2003)
  • Good Mother (2003)
  • Informant (2003)
  • Columbia Connection (2004)
  • American Husband (2004)
  • Big Daddies (2004)
  • Daddy Must Obey (2004)
  • Mr Ibu (2004)
  • Holy Diamond (2005)
  • I Think Twice (2005)
  • Secret Adventure (2005)
  • Spoiler (2005)
  • Village Boys (2005)
  • My Business (2005)
  • Colours of Emotion (2005)
  • Final World Cup (2005)
  • Reggae Boys (2005)
  • Last Challenge (2006)
  • Boys from Holland (2006)
  • Brain Box (2006)
  • Remote Control (2006)
  • Royal Messengers (2006)
  • Criminal Law (2006)
  • Jadon (2006)
  • Winning Your Love (2006)
  • Young Masters (2006)
  • Stubborn Flies (2007)
  • Markus D Millionare (2008)
  • Double Mama (2010)
  • Mirror Boy (2010)
  • The Self-Destruction of Little Mark (2017)
  • Games men play 5: Computer Game is our Game (2018)
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Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth

Source: instagram.com, @ositaiheme


Osita Iheme is not currently married at this time. There is no information available on Osita Iheme’s family, including his wife and children. The majority of the actor’s private life has been kept hidden from the spotlight and out of the public view. Who is the child of Osita Iheme? In a post on social media, Osita was seen carrying a baby, which led people to speculate about his personal life and marriage, but the reality is that he does not yet have a child. Wedding pictures of Osita Iheme have caused many of the actor’s followers to speculate that he has recently tied the knot; however, the images in question are actually older shots from the wedding of his friend Chinedu Ikedieze.

Net worth

It has been calculated that Osita Iheme has a net worth of $3.5 million. The majority of his riches is the result of his acting profession as well as other commercial endeavors that he has undertaken.

Body measurements

He has a height of roughly 38 kilograms and has a height of 4 feet and 3 inches. He has eyes that are a dark brown almost black color. O

Osita Iheme is widely considered to be one of the most talented actors working in the Nollywood industry. Many aspiring actors who are just starting out in the industry look up to him as a source of tremendous motivation and inspiration.


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Everything about Osita Iheme: background, education, career, relationship, net worth

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