Failed attempt at a romantic comedy


Movie Title: Badboys and the Bridesmaids

Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes

Director: Seyi Babatope

Writers: Temitope Bolade, Seyi Babatope and Diche Enunwa

Cast: Nengi Hampson, Mercy Isoyip, Kelly Wekpe, Idia Aisen, Ademola Adedoyin, Elozonam Ogbolu and Jidekene Achufusi.

Over the years, Nollywood has thrilled us with many rom-coms, especially after the success of the 2016 Nollywood blockbuster Wedding Party. The stakes have been raised and rom-coms come with multiple expectations.

However, when the title “Bad Boys and Bridesmaids” appears on the screen, it is easy to anticipate a roller coaster of emotions peppered with romance, infidelity and betrayal.

Bad boy and bridesmaids.

Despite the promising schedule, the film did not meet expectations; failed to deliver a compelling romantic comedy.

The plot revolves around two soon-to-be-married couples, Jola and Jaiye, who decide to reunite with their high school friends for a weekend wedding extravaganza. Jola’s persistent refusal to be intimate with Jaiye leads to a revelation: the bridesmaids, known as the Ice Girls, made a pact to remain virgins until marriage.


When two couples about to get married, Jola and Jaiye, meet up with their high school friends for their weekend wedding, a lot can happen.

Jaiye is about to marry Jola, but since their relationship began, Jola has refused to be intimate with him. However, this was not supposed to be a problem since they were certainly going to get married, but the “bad guys”, Jaiye’s friends, Tokunbo, Olisaemeka and Efosa, also known as The Force, did not let it go; They insisted on knowing at least the reason.

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Jaiye’s insistence led Jola to spill the milk; She and her bridesmaids, who are her friends from her school, Vicky, Timi and Uche, had an agreement to preserve her virginity until after marriage; The group was known as Ice Girls.

Jaiye shares the reason behind his future wife’s constant refusal, and intrigued the bad boys that the bridesmaids were still virgins, so they made a $1,000 bet and split the girls between them in a quest to find out if They were all virgins. as Jola had stated.

Jaiye would go after his wife, Jola, while Olisaemeka would go after Temi, whom he had always disliked. Efosa was going for Uche and TK was going for Vicky. None of these guys would have it easy because the girls they were paired with didn’t like them and, worse yet, wouldn’t want to talk to them. But the bad guys didn’t mind.

Jaiye had his bachelor party, and he and his bad boys got caught by Uche where there were half-naked girls everywhere sticking their tongues in the guy’s mouth and giving them a ride.

This reduced their chances with the ladies, and Efosa was forced to increase the bets to $5,000 to keep the boys motivated to reach their goals. As the boys began to redouble their efforts, could they break Ice Girl’s pacts?

movie analysis

Despite the potential for excitement, the film fails to introduce any surprising twists.

The lack of surprising moments and predictable story make the film feel formulaic and uneventful. The trajectory of the narrative is evident from the opening scenes, leaving little room for suspense.

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The writer’s failure to integrate the linear narrative more creatively into the plot is evident; The movie revolves around the same thing and the same people from beginning to end.

Bad boy and bridesmaids……

The movie could have been more impressive with a little or more twist. The writers wanted a simple and understandable romantic story, but the plot was insipid and vague, far from the theme of love and betrayal, which is generic in romantic comedies; the film offers nothing more.

Maintaining its predictability, from the first scenes you know where the film is going: four men meet four women who are friends of the couple; For the most demanding, it is already evident where the narrative is heading, a direct and unidirectional narrative, without quick surprises, and that made the film boring to watch.

The cinematic delight, the cast and the promise of the title are elusive in this failed attempt at a romantic comedy. The only delight that the audience could enjoy was the acting skills and the beautiful faces of the cast.

“Bad Boys and Bridesmaids” is a missed opportunity for a compelling romantic comedy. The lack of surprises and its underdeveloped plot result in a forgettable viewing experience.

To be fair, the story had constant problems, but for all its acceleration, it didn’t make any progress. However, we could applaud the cinematographers for the aesthetics they enjoyed. The film was shot on location, Raddison Blu, with a simple cast.

Rating: 4/10

Unfortunately, the film fails to rise above mediocrity.

Badboys and Bridesmaids premiered in 2021, but is now streaming on Prime Video.

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