Female Condom: Facts You Should Know


The female condom, or internal condom, is a non-hormonal barrier method of contraception. But instead of being placed on a penis, it is placed in a vagina, which is why it is also sometimes called an internal condom.

Below are some key things to know about the female condom.

1. It Could Provide Greater Protection Against Herpes

That outer ring covers more surface area than a male condom, which means there is less skin-to-skin genital contact during sex. it is said that this could reduce the risk of transmitting skin-to-skin sexual diseases such as herpes or HPV, against which male condoms do not fully protect.

2. It can be difficult to use initially

This is not something you should break for the first time right before you have sex. It takes a little practice, and when it comes to protection against pregnancy and STIs, you don’t want to just take chances.

It is recommended that the woman insert it once or twice on her own to get used to it.

3. It comes well lubricated

As soon as you open this condom, you will notice that it is quite well lubricated. But if you’re someone who likes to use coconut oil or another oil-based lubricant in bed, you can do that with female condoms, too.

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4. You can wear it at any time

Unlike the male condom, the female condom is not dictated by an erection. Although the penis must be erect before inserting a male condom, you and your partner can be at any stage of intercourse when an internal condom is inserted. You could even put it before sex.

5. It goes in and out of the vagina

The internal condom basically looks like a large male condom, with a ring on each end. The inner ring is made of polyurethane and is there to help you push it into the vagina so it stays in place during intercourse. The outer ring actually remains outside the vagina, covering the vulva.

The condom itself is longer and looser than a male condom, as it is designed to feel and function almost like a second skin. So you might be a bit surprised at how spacious it looks when you first take it out of the package.

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Female Condom: Facts You Should Know

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