FILM REVIEW: In bed with the Pedros; another Nollywood film that ignores the potential of strong storytelling


Movie title: In bed with the Pedro

Release date: August 15, 2023

Director: Niyi Towolawi

Duration: 1 hour, 29 minutes

Cast: Ademola Adedoyin, Adunni Ade, Yemi Solade, Akin Lewis and Rahama Sadau.

Before the film’s release, producers should ask themselves the following questions: Who is the audience for this film? Is the script creative enough? Can the selected actors give the best performance? Is the script captivating enough? Does the cinematography suit the setting? Finally, is the script persuasive enough? Notice the emphasis on “hyphens.”


There are countless Nigerian movies released in theaters and on streaming platforms that boast a strong concept but fail to deliver on the story progression. In other words, they have a unique synopsis that interests viewers; however, a few minutes after watching such a movie, an expression of disappointment becomes synonymous with the faces of the viewers.

In Bed with the Pedros is an excellent example of one of the films mentioned. The premises promise to take viewers on a journey with a couple who accidentally kill someone during a night out. Several scenarios could have worked with such a fantastic idea, but the writer chose to play it safe and gave us a watered down version of the adventure promised in the summary.

In Bed with the Pedros not only falls victim to lackluster writing, but also delivers sub-par cinematography, sound quality, and acting performances from the entire cast.

A scene from IN BED WITH THE PEDROS The Plot

Hauwa and Jide Pedro are married and seem to be deeply in love with each other. One night, the couple accidentally hit a young woman who was returning from an event. Panic and fear seize them as they discuss what to do. Hauwa suggests that they take the lady to the hospital, but Jide dismisses her, pointing out that her position in the Senate may be compromised and they could go to jail. With this consequence established, they flee the scene.

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Guilt-ridden Hauwa starts acting out, hinting that she wants to go to the police. Jide, scared by what his wife might do, comes clean with his father. His father takes matters into her own hands by silencing Hauwa’s friend, who was told a snippet of the accident. Femi’s father intimidates Hauwa into keeping quiet, causing her to run away from her.

Jide visits Hauwa and begs her to come back, to which she agrees. Unfortunately, as soon as she gets home, she is drugged and locked up in a mental hospital.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the young woman they killed was the daughter of a famous lawyer. Hauwa then escapes from the hospital and meets the lawyer. Before she can confess, she is captured by the mental institution’s nurses. The lawyer, confused about the scene, realizes that Hauwa dropped a note that partially reveals what is going on.

He facilitates the release of Hauwa and they unite to end the “corrupt” reign of Pedros.

The good

The movie offers its fair share of drama as the characters try to get away from a crime. This allows viewers to be on the edge of their seats, particularly with the opening flash-forward where we see Femi visibly shaken as she speaks on the TV. Build anticipation for the events leading up to that moment.

The locations are also quite applausible, adding a sense of realism to the film. For example, the surroundings of the television station reflect several high-profile media houses.

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A scene from IN BED WITH LOS PEDROS The Bad

The secret to a good movie, regardless of its budget, lies primarily in its writing. In bed with the Pedros she suffers from unprofessional writing. Many scenes don’t seem to add up, and the ones that do are ruined by some incredible action. For example, when Hauwa escapes from the hospital, he finds a drawer full of money. Hospital staff can also conveniently find it at the attorney’s office.

In bed with Pedros’ nasty attempt at screenwriting, he can’t be saved by his cinematography. The camera movements were disappointing and failed to capture the essence of each scene. It didn’t help that the lighting was unflattering to the actors’ skin. Sound quality wasn’t impressive either, as it was easy to hear a hum in the background.

Despite a moderate lineup of talented actors, the acting performances are flat and cringe-worthy. While the poor script can be largely blamed, the actors, both leading and supporting, were hesitant to give their best. Whether it was Yemi Solade, who lacked the range to play a grieving father, or the reporter, whose poor execution of an interview gives journalism a bad name, the characters appeared as if they were reading monotonously from the script while offering bodies. scruffy movements

final verdict

2/10. In Bed with the Pedros is another low-budget Nollywood film that ignores the potential of placing more emphasis on strong storytelling rather than using financial constraints as an excuse for low-quality content.

In Bed with the Pedros is now streaming on Prime Video.

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FILM REVIEW: In bed with the Pedros; another Nollywood film that ignores the potential of strong storytelling

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