Five $ 10,000 Grant Winners to Showcase Innovation Dec. 10


The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has scheduled December 10 for the showcase of innovations from five startups that earned $ 10,000 each from NOGTECH Hackathon.

The Nigerian Oil and Gas Technology Hackathon (NOGTECH) kicked off in July, when NCDMB convened startups, capable of solving the crucial challenges facing the Nigerian oil and gas industry to apply for its $ 50,000 grant.

According to a statement by NCDMB, “630 promising startups were applied and at the end of the selection phase, only 15 finalists were selected to proceed to the NOGTECH Hackathon which was held in September 2020 and spanned over three days.

“At the crowning of the event, five startups won and received a grant of $ 10,000 each. The cash award was in addition to the NCDMB’s support, mentorship, network access, resources to scale its businesses, and a three-month incubation program.

“The winners were AirSynQ, Homefort Energy, Gricd Mote, Kiakia Gas and Fuel Intellisense.”

Highlighting the innovative idea of ​​the five finalists, the statement noted; “While AirsynQ is focused on addressing pipeline vandalism; HomeFort Makes Cooking Gas Available to Low-Income Households on a Pay-As-You-Go Model; Gricd improves real-time storage conditions for temperature-sensitive drugs, both stationary and transient; KiaKia Gas 360 updates users on cylinder safety status, and Fuel Intellisense automates vehicle identification and fuel management systems. “

Francisca Kanayo Chiedu, Director of Programs, commented on Demo Day, the day scheduled for the exhibition of the five startup ideas, that efforts have been made during the incubation period to ensure that each team emerges with an innovation that meets the solutions launched in the beginning.

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