Germany visa sponsorship jobs 2023


Germany is currently facing a significant labor shortage, which creates a unique opportunity for international candidates to seek German visa sponsorship jobs in 2023. The German government is actively working to simplify immigration procedures to attract skilled foreign workers from all over the world.

A wide range of job opportunities can be accessed in areas such as electrical engineering, IT, caregiving, nursing and hospitality. According to the National Labor Agency, labor shortages affect approximately one-sixth of occupations in Germany, and this number continues to rise. The government expects to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the coming weeks, which will enhance Germany’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign workers.

If corrective measures are not taken, Germany is expected to face a shortage of 7 million skilled workers by 2035. Therefore, the current moment represents an ideal window for job applications in Germany, offering the advantages of working in Europe’s largest economy.

Basic Details About German Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

  • Introduction of: German companies
  • Qualification Education: Any degree with relevant skills
  • Salary range: 8000 euros
  • Eligible Nationalities: All nationalities
  • Workplace: Germany

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Companies that provide visa sponsorship:

German companies offer visa sponsorship positions for international applicants. Some of these companies include:

  • Daimler
  • Continental
  • Henkel
  • Merck
  • Allianz
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Siemens
  • BMW
  • BASF
  • Adidas company
  • The juicer
  • Robert Bosch
  • Volkswagen
  • Bayer
  • Porsche

List of available jobs:

A wide range of job opportunities are available in Germany for visa sponsorship, including jobs in:

  1. Health care and nursing
  2. Information Technology (IT)
  3. engineering
  4. Skilled crafts
  5. education
  6. Hospitality and tourism
  7. building
  8. Auto industry
  9. Agriculture and agriculture
  10. Health care support
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How to Find German Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023:

1. EURES (European Employment Services) portal:

  • the Euros portal Lists jobs in Germany for candidates around the world.
  • EURES is a cooperative network of government employment agencies.
  • Germany currently has 863,251 job listings in various fields, including full-time, part-time and short-term jobs.
  • You can filter job listings by language (English or German).
  • To find visa sponsorship jobs, use the search term “visa sponsorship” and explore suitable job opportunities.

2. Airbus jobs in Germany:

  • Airbus offers jobs and internships to students, candidates from any country are welcome to apply.
  • The jobs come with a monthly compensation package of €1,000, including allowances and accommodation. More information

3. Amazon jobs in Germany:

  • Amazon employs a diverse workforce and offers jobs in various locations across Germany.
  • They welcome individuals from different backgrounds and educational fields. More information

4. Berlin Dance, Germany:

  • A company in Berlin is looking for a City Operations Manager.
  • They provide visa sponsorship and transportation assistance.
  • Applicants of all backgrounds, nationalities and identities are encouraged to apply. More information

5. Quantitative Analyst (CEPRES):

  • CEPRES, a digital fundraising platform, offers competitive salaries and visa sponsorship.
  • They offer transportation assistance, team events, and a modern office. More information

6. Home Togo:

  • HomeToGo, the world’s largest vacation rental marketplace, has 42 job vacancies in Germany.
  • They offer competitive wages, flexible remote work, visa sponsorship, and relocation assistance. More information

7. Mercedes Benz jobs in Germany:

  • Mercedes-Benz provides many opportunities for students, graduates and professionals.
  • They have science programs, graduate programs, and internships available. More information
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8. Siemens Germany:

  • Siemens offers different roles for students in engineering, manufacturing, R&D, IT, sales and marketing.
  • With around 113,000 employees in Germany, Siemens is an important employer.

9. Saab Germany:

  • SAP, a global enterprise software company, has 248 job opportunities in Germany.
  • They welcome qualified candidates from all over the world. More information

10. BMW Group jobs in Germany:

  • The BMW Group offers a variety of job opportunities with 1,790 vacancies in Germany. More information

11. Google Jobs (all over Germany):

  • Google has 63 job vacancies in Germany, which require at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Google is committed to diversity and equal employment opportunity. More information

12. Microsoft Jobs Munich, Germany:

  • Microsoft Germany is accepting applications for various positions.
  • They value diversity and offer equal opportunities to all candidates. More information

13. Apple Germany:

  • Apple Germany has 164 vacancies.
  • Apple is an equal opportunity employer and promotes diversity and inclusion.

If you meet the necessary qualifications for any of these positions, you can apply directly to the relevant German companies. Once a company offers you a job, they will begin the visa sponsorship process on your behalf.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to work in Germany, a country known for its broad job market. Explore the official websites of the listed companies to learn more about these exciting job opportunities.

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Germany visa sponsorship jobs 2023

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