Google floats technology, grant-based initiative to support Nigerian non-profit organizations


By Prince Osuagwu

Apparently upholding its tradition of providing a springboard for budding startups and organizations with social economic impact, global search engine Google has launched a platform to help nonprofit NPOs scale their Goals, awareness of the past and financial obstacles.

Labeled a Google initiative for nonprofits, the tech giant aims to use the platform to empower qualified nonprofits with free premium services, including access to a collection of premium apps at no cost. Google says such tools are the same tools that large corporate corporations use to gain traction in business.

He said a qualified NPO can access programs like Google Ad Grants, G-Suite for Nonprofits, YouTube’s nonprofit program and more, which will help those organizations work more quickly and efficiently to reach a wider audience, encourage more followers to take action and tell your story in a more compelling way.

Nonprofits can qualify for a grant of up to $ 10,000 per month that is available for six months through October 2020, to spend on text-based ads, among other offers.

Google said that in order for an NPO to be eligible for the non-profit program, it must be a registered non-profit charity in Nigeria and verified by TechSoup Nigeria. You must also meet the eligibility criteria listed on the Google page for non-profit organizations.

West African Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy Google Titi Akinsanmi said: “Non-profit organizations face unique challenges in making decisions about what technology to buy amid competing demands for funding and resources. Our overall goal is to provide access to tools and technology quickly and effectively so that these organizations can focus their efforts and resources directly toward achieving their goals. “

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Google also announced that its philanthropic arm,, will award a grant to Teach for Nigeria, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting students in underserved communities in Nigeria as COVID-19 school closings persist.

The grant will fund a two-year teacher scholarship program to ensure that more students in underserved communities have access to quality education, delivered by well-trained teachers. It will also fund an educational intervention program to help children in underserved areas obtain education through alternative means such as television, radio and public communications on the street.

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