Group requests that the secretary of the National Assembly be investigated


Reactions have continued following Newslodge’ publication on how Sani Tambuwal, Nigeria’s Parliamentary Secretary, misinformed President Bola Tinubu about the bogus Nigerian Real Estate Regulatory Board Act, 2023.

Tambuwal sent the bill to the president on June 9 saying that it was a true copy of the bill passed by both Houses of the National Assembly in accordance with Section 2 (1) of the Authentication of Acts Act, Cap A2, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.

Newslodge investigation shows that the secretary of the National Assembly transmitted the version approved by the Senate to the president for approval on June 9 and falsely claimed that it had been approved by both chambers of the National Assembly.

The Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN), a civil society organisation, has called for an investigation by the Secretary of the National Assembly into the matter.

In a statement signed by its executive director, Festus Adebayo, the group said: “It cannot be understood why there was such desperation on the part of some stakeholders to get Mr. President to sign the bill, even when it has not gone through the necessary legislative processes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Adebayo commended Newslodge “for the investigative report that has not been denied by the secretary of the National Assembly.”

“For us at HDAN, we have been monitoring the movement of the bill before it suddenly disappeared, leaving us unable to know how far it had gone.

“The last information we heard about a related bill was the passage of a real estate regulation bill for FCT. “We wonder how many interest groups are pushing for different bills that serve their selfish interests rather than the general interest of the sector under the real estate regulation bill,” the statement reads.

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Among other things, the purported bill sent to Tinubu will empower a real estate companies association (REDAN) to control a proposed regulatory agency.

The bill generated much controversy with one lawmaker describing it as the most “selfish” bill at the time.

HDAN said on several occasions that it has called for regulation of the real estate sector to protect the integrity of the sector, promote professionalism and protect both buyers of real estate products, investors and developers.

“From all indications, this bill that they are trying to manipulate Mr. President into signing will not achieve the desired objectives that we have just stated for the overall interest of the sector,” the group said.

“Therefore, HDAN calls for a criminal investigation of those behind the bill that was wrongly pushed to gain the approval of Mr. President.

“We are also asking the Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development to intervene by creating a committee that will have representatives from all professional bodies and civil society to review the available bills for all-inclusive bills that achieve the objective of professionals use the real world. real estate business with clear operating rules.”

West Idahosa, a senior lawyer, also sent a petition to the Attorney General of the Federation, saying that the secretary, Mr Tambuwal, intentionally misrepresented the facts of the matter to the President. He called for an official investigation into the matter and possible prosecution of Mr. Tambuwal.

Idahosa said what the secretary did clearly violated the Nigerian constitution and the rules of the two Houses.

“This investigation will result in strengthening the rule of law and the legislative sanctity of the bills duly approved by both chambers of the National Assembly,” Idahosa said.

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