Guild reacts to viral videos of famous actor


The Nigerian Screen Actors Guild has said it is investigating the health status of famous Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku.

On Monday, a video of the once-superstar actor looking unkempt and panhandling in Asaba hit the internet, sparking reactions.

Actress and filmmaker Shan George discredited the video, claiming that the actor was on a movie set. She backed up her claim with photos of him on said film set.

Interestingly, a similar video of him begging passengers on multiple buses on a busy street in Benin went viral.

The videos are reminiscent of his late colleague Ernest Asuzu, who was filmed begging for money and food on the streets of Oke-Afa in Isolo, Lagos, in January 2020.

Hanks, 62, the older brother of Miss Nigeria 1986 Rita Anuku, who died in 2015, dominated Nollywood in the late 1990s until 2014, when he moved to Ghana.

Former Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan appointed him as Special Advisor for Tourism and Entertainment in 2010, a position he held for a short time.

After that, he was in the news when the late prophet TB Joshua supposedly delivered him from alcoholism and mental illness; he moved to Ghana after the incident.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, Screen Actors Guild president Emeka Rollas said his team was “aware of the situation.”

Regarding both incidents, Rollas said the Guild is trying to determine the authenticity of the videos.

“There’s nothing I can say from an official point of view right now, but first we’ve sent the Edo and Delta States guild president to locate where he is, if he’s filming and all that.

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“Only when we can get that information can we officially say something. For now, we have no information. No one seems to know where it is. I think it is not something serious, ”she said.

He confirmed that Hanks was on set five days ago with Shan George.

The AGN president also warned his colleagues, whom he told to take every opportunity to ‘chase influence’, describing the habit as highly deplorable.

According to him, when an actor has a problem, the solution is not always to go to social networks to get attention.

“I don’t know why some people in the entertainment industry feel entitled. These people we are talking about also have families. We have Umunna in everyday Igbo language.

“There is no one on earth who does not have a family. Allow the family to react. The family will tell you if they need help or not,” she said.

He further said that the union has a trust fund headed by veteran actress Joke Sylva.

He called on actors and the public to apply for AGN’s trust fund so that when problems like this arise, they don’t have to go to the public for help.

He said: “Emotions do not solve problems. We have created systems that we use to solve these problems. In the last two years, we have distributed more than N6 million to our members in need, and we are going further.”

initial denial

Shortly after the first video was released, veteran actress and filmmaker Shan George refuted reports that Mr. Anuku was dealing with mental issues.

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According to her, the actor was fine as they had been on the set of a new movie, ‘Coming to Onitsha’.

Reacting to the clip, Shan debunked the speculation surrounding the video.

According to her, the viral video was a scene from a movie and they were in Asaba, Delta state for a film project.

“None of them make Hanks or we dey the same set. These photos were three days ago,” she captioned a photograph of her and the actor on her Instagram status.

anuku skeins

In another state, he posted a clip from the set where he was with the actor.

In the clip, she said: “yes, this is Hanks Anuku. Only handsome Hanks Anuku. the superstar This is my sweet baby in the movie.”

She revealed that Mr. Anuku plays a crazy American who returns to be king in the movie ‘Coming to Onitsha’.

failed help

Nollywood actress Iheme Nancy has accused Shan of not being candid about Hanks’ health.

In a post on her verified Instagram page, the actress said her conscience wouldn’t let her settle for the disturbing video of Hanks, which she says is 100 percent true.

According to her, Shan debunked the claims rather than let the veteran actor get the help he needed.

“Instead of allowing people to help him, you canceled a truth. Why Na? Uncle Hanks’ condition is not a secret to any Asaba actor. It is not for most Asaba residents either, as most people have seen it in different strange places in an abnormal state,” he said.

She shared her encounter with him at 1side bar on October 27, where she said that he almost hit her for no reason.

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“He said some hurtful words to @ujunwa_aninneji and me but we stayed calm because he wasn’t himself. Since that day I prayed that he would get help and finally yesterday God was about to answer that prayer; you stopped him for reasons you know best.

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“Drinking in a stupor, walking around Asaba is not new. Also, this post is to plead with well meaning Nigerians. Hanks Anuku needs help,” he added.

In June 2020, Hanks refuted the second death rumor spread about him in a month.

The actor shared a similar video on his Facebook page on June 6, and six rumors about his death abounded on social media.

The movie star has appeared in several Nollywood thrillers including ‘Face of a Murderer’, ‘Broad Daylight’ and ‘Men on Hard Way’.

He was introduced to Nollywood by Regina Askia, and his first role in a movie was in ‘The Skeleton’.

Since then, he has appeared in more than 50 films.

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