Health benefits of kiwi fruit for women


Kiwi, also known as a superfood, is packed with nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy.

Its green pulp is sweet and spicy, while its small black seeds are edible.

It has a wide range of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, copper, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin K.

It is commonly found in supermarkets and is generally added as a topping to fruit salads, smoothies, and parfaits.

It also acts as a tenderizing agent for meats and is commonly used in roasts and curries. However, to make the most of its nutritional value, it is said that it is best consumed on its own, as raw fruit.

If you are not a fan of Kiwi, these 9 benefits will definitely change your mind.

1. Stimulates the immune system

You may have thought that oranges have the highest source of vitamin C, yet kiwi contains 154 percent vitamin C, which is almost twice that of oranges. A single fruit covers 100% of your daily needs in vitamin C.

Kiwi is an excellent source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can naturally stimulate collagen synthesis and also scavenge free radicals that could cause inflammation or cancer, and it also helps boost the body’s immunity against harmful pathogens.

2.Helps digestion

Kiwi contains a good amount of dietary fiber which makes it useful for improving digestion. In addition to the fiber content, kiwi also contains an enzyme, actinidin, which can effectively break down proteins in the intestine.

Eating a kiwi after a large meal is recommended because it can help break down tough proteins in meat and fish that can often cause bloating. Kiwis also have a mild laxative effect that can help a slow digestive system.

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3. Helps treat asthma

The high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants in kiwis can help treat people with asthma symptoms. One study found that there was a beneficial effect on lung function among those who regularly ate fresh fruit, including kiwis.

Health benefits of kiwi fruit for women

4. Supports healthy weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight, eating kiwi is one of the fruits that you should include in your diet.

They are high in water, low in calories, and have a good amount of fiber. This makes them perfect for a snack or as part of a breakfast smoothie.

Kiwis are also over 90% water, which can help hydrate the body.

5. Improves skin health

Collagen is an essential nutrient that supports the structure of the skin and strengthens the bones. The vitamin C in kiwi is a key component in the production of collagen in the body. Eating kiwi can help maintain the structure of your skin and keep it hydrated and healthy.

The anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C of kiwis can be beneficial for acne sufferers and can greatly reduce the production of sebum in the pores. Just apply kiwi extract mixed with aloe vera on your skin and leave it overnight for best results.

6. Manage blood pressure

Kiwis can help lower high blood pressure and prevent diseases like heart attacks and strokes. One study showed that those who ate 3 kiwis a day for 8 weeks had a reduction in their diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Kiwis contain an antioxidant, lutein, which may be responsible for their ability to regulate blood pressure. The vitamin C in kiwis can also help lower blood pressure.

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Kiwis were also found to prevent blood clotting and control blood pressure by reducing the amount of fat in the blood.

7. Acts as a sleep inducer.

According to research, eating 1 or 2 medium kiwifruit before bed can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Kiwis are rich in serotonin and antioxidants, both of which can improve the quality of sleep when eaten before bed.

8. Prevents loss of vision.

Kiwis can prevent macular degeneration and ultimately loss of vision. Kiwifruit contains zeaxanthin and lutein (or the “vitamin of the eye”). These two compounds serve the same function as antioxidants, as well as helping to form vitamin A, an essential nutrient for the eyes. They also absorb excess light that can damage our retinas and protect the eye from cataracts and other eye-related diseases.

9. It is good for pregnant women.

Kiwi is a good source of folic acid, which is said to be beneficial for pregnant women because it helps in the development of the fetus and makes it healthy. It is also considered good for growing children.

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