Health Benefits of Smoothies for Women


A smoothie is a thick drink made from mixed raw fruits, vegetables, or ice cream and cookies with other ingredients like water, ice, or sweeteners.

Smoothies can be a convenient and nutritious meal replacement or a refreshing snack. Fortunately, they are also very easy to do. Just a few basic ingredients mixed together will give you a delicious smoothie.

Here are some health benefits of smoothies:

1. Better digestion

Have you tried the genre of smoothies called “green smoothies”? The kind of smoothies that combine fresh green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, celery, or collard greens.

These particular vegetables are alkaline foods, so they are the best option to counteract the discomfort of acid reflux and heartburn.

Feel free to add some other alkaline foods like carrots, strawberries, and blueberries for the ultimate in health benefits.

2. Boost your immunity

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients and antioxidants for good health, but some have been shown to boost your immunity.

Adding sweet potatoes to your smoothies isn’t just one way to make them taste good; the beta-carotene they contain is an immunity booster.

Try this agbalumo (African star apple) smoothie recipe

An added bonus is that it is also good for your eyes and bones.

3. Burns fat

It might surprise you, but smoothies are an easy way to lose weight. You don’t even need to use them as meal replacements if you’re smart with your choice of ingredients.

When looking for the right tasty addition to a smoothie, fruits like berries are a secret weight loss weapon.

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This is due to flavonoids, which have been shown in studies to be one of the keys to not gaining weight. It is even suspected that blueberries can stop the development of fat cells.

4. Hydration benefits

Drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water may seem overwhelming, but with smoothies, you’re already part of the way.

We can get some of our water intake from our food and this includes smoothies, especially since many fruits and vegetables are quite rich in water.

5. Makes you fuller for longer

If you find yourself snacking because you never feel full, the fiber in fruit or vegetable-based smoothies could be your new best friend!

Avocado is an example of a smoothie that will leave you satisfied until lunchtime and will control your urge to snack and you only need half an avocado to reap its benefits.

You will get a deliciously thick and creamy smoothie that is packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

6. Get a healthy glow

Studies have shown that drinking smoothies made with foods that contain cartenoids can give you an attractive glow.

You can do the same with your skin by opting for pumpkin and mango smoothies.

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