Highest Paid Jobs in Nigeria in 2023


Together with experts from the international educational platform Lectera, we have prepared for you the most in-demand professions of 2022-2023. Moreover, we will tell you what skills you’ll need and the best courses to study in Nigeria!

1. Sales

This is an area that will always be in demand. This is about a specialist who understands consumer psychology, knows how to manipulate the emotional triggers of customers, and presents a product enthusiastically.

You will definitely need the skill of selling, including both the ability to persuade and having emotional intelligence. You can learn all of this on the online platform Lectera and start a new career in sales without even leaving your home.

2. Engineering

Engineers are needed in Nigeria for the infrastructure and industry sectors. In addition to the technical skills that you will still need to master at university, you will also need analytical and strategic thinking, adaptability to any conditions, and emotional intelligence.

3. Creative design

Despite the fact that the acute phase of COVID-19 has passed, the whole world still continues to practice remote working and social distancing. As a result, the effectiveness of traditional outdoor advertising has declined. Now more than ever, original and creative advertising is needed, especially in large cities like Lagos. The ability to work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, create graphic illustrations, and write articles – all of this is necessary to be a creative designer.

4. Fintech and cryptocurrency

In Lagos today, there are many business centers and companies specializing in “high finance”. In addition, cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity. More and more governments are investing parts of their budget in it, and not in dollars or gold. Fintech companies are expected to grow by 25%-30% by the end of 2023.

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So this is your chance if you want to work in the financial or banking sector! You will need not only economic knowledge, but also a lot of soft skills, knowledge of accounting and law, planning skills, and the ability to invest. The latter, by the way, is also taught at Lectera.

5. Digital marketing

Modern Nigerian companies are looking for creative employees that can work with different promotion channels, from SEO to Facebook and Google Ads, as well as navigate targeting, banner ads, chatbots, influencer marketing, and buying and renting advertising space.

The most popular specialists in this field are in cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano. You can find the best courses to study in Nigeria on the Lectera platform. They offer a whole section of digital marketing courses where you can master everything we’ve mentioned in just a few weeks.

6. Coding and software development

As technology grows, so does the demand for software developers. Creators of mobile applications are especially popular, since modern buyers appreciate them for their flexibility and convenience. So, being able to code at least in Python, C 3, Java 4, or C ++ 5 means having a stable future.


All of these areas and professions are an excellent choice for those who dream of starting their career from scratch. In addition, some of them can be mastered in a very short amount of time. So 2023 can be not only eventful for you, but also incredibly profitable!