How I wanted to be a shepherd


Controversial Nollywood actress silly dikeh he may be successful in his other endeavors, especially acting, but says he lost his initial calling.

In a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the actress says that her original plan in life was to devote herself to gospel ministry.

Although he has taken on other professions, he says that the door is not closed, as he can still take the call.

“I am an opportunist with this thing called acting or entertainment. But God has already ordained that step. He was swimming in a pool.

“She was a girl from church, she was going to be a pastor. I was supposed to be a pastor. She still could. It depends on where God takes me.”

In 2017, shortly after her divorce from businessman Churchill Olakunle, the actress announced that she was now born again, declaring herself ‘Radical for Jesus’.

Ms. Dikeh, who has been absent from the film industry, then explained what it meant to be born again.

Highlighting what it means to be born again five years ago, he said it is about living a fun-filled, happy and joyful life knowing that Almighty God is on our side.

She wrote, “Being born again isn’t about not having friends or hanging out, it’s about having the right friends who will lift you up, motivate you, inspire you, and most of all, pray with you…

“My brothers, it is time for us to Let the world see Jesus in us in a colorful way. My name is Tonto Dikeh. I am a Radical for Jesus. My life is as bright as a coat of many colors. I speak in heavenly language, and I am an artist.”

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Since then, he has preached the gospel amid criticism on his Instagram page.

trip to politics

Ms. Dikeh recently made headlines when she was named the running mate of ADC gubernatorial candidate Tonte Ibraye.

On his decision to run under the aegis of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Tonto said he chose the party because it is youth-friendly.

“It is a party that brings women and young people. I just wanted to identify with it.

“I’m big on empowering women. I really like youth empowerment, so it’s only natural that I fall under that umbrella. This has been going on for the last three years; It’s not something new,” he said.

The actress said that, unknown to many, she has been a politician for the past three years.

He noted that entertainment was never his calling, as before joining politics, he tried other things, including farming and fashion.

“I have had this burden for a long time. My calling has never been in entertainment. I did not start with politics.

“I did so many things. I went into farming. I got into fashion, so many things to catch up on to know what I wanted to do,” she said.

The mother of one pointed out that complaining and organizing protests never solve any problem.

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“What is going to solve this problem is that I include myself in active politics. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with the people I love. A lot of people didn’t know that I had been politically inclined for (for) more than two or three years.

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“I work with an office called the Youth Committee on Mobilization and Awareness. We work for the president,” added Ms. Dikeh.

maternity, music

According to the 37-year-old actress, the most important leadership role she has taken on is that of motherhood.

She says that even those who don’t like her praise her mothering skills.

“Even if you blame me on something, you can never blame me there. Even people who hate me will say that I am one of the best mothers they have ever seen on earth.”

In her music career, the actress said she fully assumed that her extensive social media following would work for her.

“I felt like my numbers would work, but I didn’t know you had to be more talented than the numbers.

“I failed sadly in music. When I say that I failed in music, it’s not because my music wasn’t good, but I think I lost the confidence to go forward. I think the music is consistent. If I had continued with that, I would have made good music,” he added.

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How I wanted to be a shepherd

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