How It Works

Welcome to Newslodge Revenue Sharing. Newslodge is an independent digital information hub focused on serving the Nigerian audience and the world at large with verified and undiluted news reports. Web Service is a non-governmental and non-political agency.

We open up a simplified way to earn you money by simply engaging on the contents of the website for free (no registration fee). We have no severe norms using our platform. From a wide range of niches, we provide the current/latest information to keep you engaged, entertained, and earn you real money at the same time.

How Do I Earn as a Member of NewsLodge

You simply earn by engaging on any content of the website by commenting, sharing, and inviting others (this last, is totally optional).

  • Comment and Share is one bundle and each time this is completed you will earn N1
  • If you choose to refer someone you will earn N1 (Optional) (Your referral link will available on dashboard)
  • If you sell any of our Services / Products you will earn N400 (This is also optional) (You will find your affiliate link on your dashboard area)
  • Chances to win in our timely giveaway (Requirements; i. must be a registered and active member ii. follow us on our social media Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter)

How to Join Newslodge?

To join NewsLodge is as easy as ABC. It is as simple as you do Register on other online registrations just by filling in your information on the registration form. 
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Our Transparency

How Newslodge Earn Before The Revenue Sharing 

We simply earn by monetization”, the ads displaying on our website, and content/product promotions, we volunteer to pay you from what we get paid from the advertisers (This guarantees your getting paid without any story). Registration on Newslodge is totally free, we have strong algorithms that makes us different.

Withdrawal, Payment, or Cash Out:

  • All your activities earning are paid 28th of every month. Minimum withdrawal is N2,000
    Make sure you share any content you are going to comment on, on Facebook or Twitter (as that is one activity)
  • Products / Sales commission are paid weekly (That is, if you’re able to sell one product today, by the next Saturday you will receive your payment commission ) 

After You Have Received Payment Up to Three Times, Your Pay Day Will Be Schedule To Weekly

We kindheartedly welcome you to register for free on our platform and earn money without any hassle but only in accordance to your regular daily social engagement. As a matter of fact, we prioritize your interest and for that, we will always stand on our toes to deliver you interesting content. We bring you oodles of changes to keep your pocket warm. Keep reading and sharing the posts to make money online 100% legit.

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