How the VsKit live streaming video app is closing the gap in social distancing


With the coronavirus pandemic shrinking the world population every day, VsKit has introduced a live video streaming app that closes the gap in social distancing.

Speaking in Lagos about the potentials of the digital solution to support brands and consumers in the age of social estrangement, Sean Shu, marketing manager at VSKIT Nigeria, said the live video app has continued to drive virtual reality.

According to him, “one thing that made Nigerians intrigued is the live broadcast of the release of Infinix Note 7 that took place on May 14 on VsKit.

“I would like to think that the Infinix team must have had tons of brainstorming sessions on ways to make the launch possible without breaking the 20-man-per-meeting rule.

“They also wanted all their desired celebrities to attend the launch, and Vskit came to mind. Yes, YouTube was also used, but most Nigerians turned to Vskit primarily because it is easily accessible and apparently removes minor data. ”

Noting that live streaming has definitely become the way to go, I was expecting brands to start turning to short video apps like Vskit for a live launch or live event with no physical contact.

He explained, “This will reduce costs, prevent the brand from getting into trouble from having too many people in a meeting, and ultimately even its launch / event will go viral.

“The live broadcast will keep the world together and help the world to be an even more global village.”

On the key benefits of the app for brands and talents, he said the solution is cost-effective to launch on Vskit.

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On the virality of the content seen during the live launch of Infinix Note 7, he said that many more people watched the live broadcast on Vskit than other applications.

His words: “We are in an era in which Vskit is being accepted by millions of users in Africa. Here is an opportunity not to play.

“Vskit is definitely a welcome addition to the use of other social media applications. While brands show a hashtag on Instagram and the like, the same hashtag can be marked on Vskit. Big brands will understand the true meaning of this point. “

Shu explained that the short video app has been able to bring Nigerians closer together during the pandemic, adding that hundreds of creative videos are produced daily.

According to him, “emerging brands obviously have no excuse to sponsor as there are tons of applications to support them. It is free to download these applications, and I would like to believe that the requirements for a live launch will not be rigorous.

“Let’s take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us and make us proud.

“Reading the comments during the live broadcast, it is obvious that Nigerians were amazed. I also hope that the brand will continue to promote solutions like live streaming in Nigeria.

“Vskit is here to stay, and I love how we have embraced the short video app.”


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