Huawei Introduces IdeaHub for Sub-Saharan Africa



Huawei has launched a smart collaboration product called IdeaHub, to drive business collaboration in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The launch of the product in line with the theme “Huawei IdeaHub-Intelligence at Your Fingertips” was attended by more than 300 African business leaders and ICT experts, who exchanged views on the digitization of African companies.

Remote economy, people will probably stay online

In this era of social distancing and remote work, the need for digitization has become more crucial amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as noted in a recent McKinsey report, Reopening and Reinventing Africa.

Improving communication and collaboration across organizations will be the “new normal,” and a new generation of smart office collaboration products is needed to accelerate this revolution.

IdeaHub is a productivity tool developed by Huawei to enable smart office in all scenarios, a smart endpoint that integrates multiple functions, including multi-screen collaboration between mobiles and PCs, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, FHD video conferencing, and built-in HD AppGallery.

This will change the way different departments communicate with each other within a company and improve the customer engagement experience – the product even offers a “virtual exposure” for products and services.

Liao Yong, president of Huawei Enterprise Business Group in South Africa, said that because staying online as a result of Covid-19 is likely to become a permanent feature of corporate culture, Huawei IdeaHub can be “disruptive” and ” constructive “for African companies.

“It is disruptive in that it can break silos and allow employees to share ideas like never before. It is commercially, and even culturally “constructive,” as it could help companies create a smart work environment where ideas and information can flow more freely to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. “

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In order to further explore the needs of business users and provide them with an advanced productivity tool that enables smart office in all scenarios, Huawei also launched its “1 + 3 + X” all-scenario smart office strategy with multiple smart office equipment and support software. ecosystem.

“One step further, this could be an opportunity for African companies to boost their organizational digitization not only by investing in IT, but also by restructuring work processes and digitizing work culture accordingly. When African entrepreneurs envision the future of their business, Huawei’s smart office solutions should have their place, “Liao concluded.


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