I love Asiwaju, I might vote for him- Toyin Abraham


On Friday, the Nigerian actress and film producer Abraham shared his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

While speaking on TVC’s breakfast show ‘Your Opinion’, the 40-year-old actress urged her colleagues not to impose their choice of candidates on others.

He also defended his choice of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu as his favourite.

“I love Asiwaju; I could vote for him because I love him; I have not decided; I’m just saying that, and also because of the things he’s done for my industry. But I will not use my selfish interest to guide others.”

“He has been a wonderful man for my industry; even when we had nothing, he has been there for people. But I will not force others. I want to use this medium to beg everyone to stop, to each choose who they want ”.

Speaking about the Lagos gubernatorial election, he clarified that he was not declaring his support for anyone, not even his colleague who was running for office.

His fellow actress, Funke Akindele, is currently running for lieutenant governor under the aegis of the Popular Democratic Party.

She said: “I am not going to campaign for anyone; I could wake up and say tomorrow I want to campaign, but for now I’m not going to campaign; I want everyone to make their decision so that when the problem arises, you don’t say “

“I know that I have influence; we are all women at this table; I won’t let you use the gender card on me. I would support someone who supports other women and someone who is competent, knowing that she can handle people and crowds and things.”

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“I am a mother and I have children; I will not endanger our children or the future of this country because of gender or a colleague.”

He also clarified that he does not have a personal relationship with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu even though he attended his event.


It was revealed that he was inspired for the Ijakumo movie from his dreams.

“So you know, I saw the story in my dream, I wanted to shoot Ilaje, and I even went to Osogbo, so I slept and had a dream. Most of the time, I dream a lot as a gift”

“In the dream, it was a YouTube movie, and many people told me, why would you make this a YouTube movie, make it big, take it to the movies.”

Explaining the subject, he said: “It is about a shepherd; it’s about the people, what they do, who they are. Some people go out and pretend to be okay; like in our society, they feel that the people who are talking, who are being themselves are the terrible ones, the calm and holy ones are the good ones.”

Toyin stated that although the film is fictional, the story is relatable.

“Like I said, I saw him in my dream, but I found out that many people can relate to him; he is relatable; it’s my story; the movie has an 18 rating because we have nudity and sex scenes because if I needed to tell my story, a lot of things had to be there.”

“It wasn’t a real life event, but it’s just something I saw in my dreams, and you can relate to that,” he said.

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Talking about how easy it is for her to adapt and fit into the character, she said: “In life, some people learn things while others are talented; let me say I’m talented, I’m talented, it’s a natural thing, so I can’t explain it.”

“When I get a script, I just read it and maybe because I’m a free-minded person, I’m free with everyone, so when you give me a script, I’m sure I’ve met someone who behaves like that.”

“I started my career as a Yoruba actress and I’ve done a lot of traditional movies, so for me it’s not a big deal.”

From dream to execution

The Nollywood star further explained how she got her trending movie after waking up, saying: “I saw everything; I watched the whole movie in my sleep, but you know when you want to run movies, there are things you put in and things you take out to make it more entertaining.”

“But the concept, the story, I saw it as a movie; I saw people coming out telling me why would you put such a good movie on YouTube, why not in theaters.”

“Once I woke up, I called my art director Tunji Afolayan, and he told me this story is crazy, and I called my writer, Kehinde Joseph, and he said, ‘Toyin, if this isn’t the best story I’ve ever I’ve heard, this is going to be one of the best’ and when Kehinde says he knows he’s done it.”


Speaking about how he financed the production, he clarified that his previous films were low-budget films.

“Back then, a lot of people thought badly mo… .oo.o,..not a low-budget movie because there were no funds; I am an actress. This is the only thing I do, I have tried to do business, but it does not work for me.

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“I realized that my thing is making movies and talking about people’s products and getting paid for it, providing services, so acting is the only thing that puts food on my table.”

“I am not from a wealthy home; All you see has been God and hard work. Thank you to my fans, the Toyin Titans, and my wonderful team.”

“It’s the money and the budget that I have that I would use to make the movie.”

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Toyin, however, revealed that she received help from her sponsors and some brands, which she did not mention, who supported her and brought other brands to support her.

Dealing with trolls, relationships

Toyin acknowledged that she is trolled every day, but stated that even if she sees them in real life, she would forgive them.

Speaking about celebrity marriage, he said, “Marriage doesn’t have a manual, but what I would say is don’t get carried away by being woken up; I am an African woman, I respect my husband, I honor my husband, I tell him everything and I listen to him if he rules, I follow him”.

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Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; I love Asiwaju, I might vote for him- Toyin Abraham