#ImoDecides2023: PDP’s Anyanwu loses in his own local government


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Sam Anyanwu, has lost the election in Ikeduru Local Government Area in the ongoing Imo State governorship election.

Anyanwu was defeated by the incumbent governor, Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who won a significant majority of votes in the local government and across the state.

In Ikeduru, Uzodinma got 22,356 votes, while Anyanwu, popularly known as Sam Daddy, only got 7,258 votes.

The Labor Party (LP) candidate, who was also in the race, received 1,377 votes.

The defeat in Ikeduru LGA highlights the perceived dominance of Uzodinma, who has won in all the local governments announced so far.

When casting his vote on Saturday, the PDP candidate had expressed confidence that he would win the Guber election, but the opposite has happened. He has lost in all local governments declared so far, including Ikeduru.

Speaking to journalists after casting his vote, Anyanwu said the people of Imo State were tired of the poor governance of the country. Congress of all progressives (APC) and wanted a change

“I am confident of victory because the people of Imo State are tired of APC misrule,” Anyanwu said. “They are tired of insecurity, poverty and unemployment. “They are tired of the APC’s lies and propaganda.”

However, as voting progressed across the state, Anyanwu alleged fraud in different parts of the state. He said there was mass fingerprinting by fraudulent officials, theft of ballot boxes in some areas and other irregularities.


Although the results were widely disputed by representatives of the other parties in the collection centre, Uzodinma leads with wide margins of victory in the various local government areas declared so far.

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In Oru West, the APC polled 38,026 votes, compared to only 1,867 for the Labor Party (LP) and 987 for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Similar trends were observed in other local government areas including Njaba LGA (APC: 8,110, LP: 995, PDP: 2,404), Owerri North (APC: 8,536, LP: 4,386, PDP: 3,449), Obowo LGA (APC: 17,514 , LP: 3,404, PDP: 711), Nwangele LGA (APC: 29,282, LP: 895, PDP: 2,132) and Owerri Municipal (APC: 5,324, LP: 2,914, PDP: 2,180).

Mr. Uzodinma’s dominance continued in Orsu LGA (APC: 18,003, LP: 813, PDP: 624), Okigwe LGA (APC: 55,585, LP: 2,655, PDP: 1,688), Ideato Sur (APC: 16,891, LP: 1,649 , PDP: 2,469), Onuimo LGA (APC: 13,434, LP: 1,753, PDP: 2,676) and Ngor-Okpala LGA (APC: 14,143, LP: 2,716, PDP: 3,451).

The APC also emerged victorious in Oru East (APC: 67,315, LP: 3,443, PDP: 2,202), Isu LGA (APC: 11,312, LP: 1,253, PDP: 2,508), Ahiazu Mbaise (APC: 8,369, LP: 2,214, PDP : 3,507), Nkwerre LGA (APC: 22,488, LP: 1,320, PDP: 2,632), Aboh Mbaise (APC: 9,638, LP: 2,455, PDP: 1,724), Owerri West (APC: 9,205, LP: 2,597, PDP: 3,305 ), and Isiala Mbano (APC: 10,860, LP: 2,419, PDP: 1,659).

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