Independence: Jonathan advocates peace and unity for Nigeria


Former president good luck jonathan has urged Nigerians to prioritize patriotism, unity and peace when making their decisions at the polls in 2023.

Jonathan, in a personally signed goodwill message in Abuja to mark independence day 2022, said the anniversary came at a time when the nation was preparing for its general election.

“Fellow Nigerians, our anniversary this year comes at a time when our nation is gearing up for the general election.

“This is a critical time for all of us. Elections provide another opportunity for our citizens to demonstrate our faith in the greatness of our nation. Let us be patriotic in the decisions we make,” said Mr. Jonathan.

He urged Nigerians to prioritize the unity and peace of the country in the campaigns and through the elections they would hold at the polls in 2023.

“Ours is a great nation with unlimited possibilities. Let us work in unity, live in peace, promote justice and accommodate each other.

“In that way, we will build an inclusive and cohesive society where everyone is happy, safe and proud of their country,” he said.

The former president extended his greetings to Nigerians on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the nation’s independence.

Jonathan said the event offered Nigerians an opportunity to reflect on the nation’s experience and the prospect of progress and greatness, adding that people had remained steadfast in patriotism in difficult times.

“Today we commemorate another anniversary of our independence from the clutches of colonialism. We reflect on the promises of freedom, hope, peace and unity that come with independence.

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“Sixty-two years after this trip, we have every reason to reflect on our nation’s experience, the prospect of our greatness, and how to overcome the challenges that limit our progress as a nation.

“As a country, we have made a significant impact on the world stage in sports, the arts, music and academia.

“Our citizens have asserted themselves as people with strength, courage and honor in different fields.

“We stood firm in patriotism in difficult times for our nation, demonstrated faith in moments of doubt, displayed resilience in times of adversity, and sought peace when our unity was threatened.”


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