‘I’ve never been so happy’- Patrick Doyle on his new wife


These are happy times for Nollywood actor and filmmaker Patrick Doyle as 2023 started off on a somewhat sour note for the actor.

In January, fans of Mr. Doyle and his ex-wife, actress Ireti, were shocked when the latter revealed that they are now divorced.

Moving forward, it seems that Mr. Doyle appears to be on secure footing as he introduced his new wife last Sunday.

Although speculation that he was married has abounded, it is the first time the veteran actor, 61, will make his wife known.

The ‘Hombre de Dios’ actor chose Mother’s Day as a perfect opportunity to introduce his new wife in a Facebook post.

After his reveal, there was speculation that the actor had moved on and was in a romantic relationship with a lady known as Funmilayo.

The actor has now fully come out to reveal that this is all true.

Happy man

In the short but powerful post, the veteran actor honored the women in his life while confessing that he had never been happier.

He also called on his friends and fans to join him as he celebrated Ms. Funmilyo, whom he described as his new mother, friend, and partner.

He wrote: “On Mother’s Day, we are expected to pay tribute to our mothers and to all the women who have played motherly roles. In my case, the four women who acted in that capacity towards me are my late mother, Angela Bassey Doyle, my late older sister, Victoria Doyle and Ayodeji Alakija, and my late wife, Rosamond Doyle.

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“Today, to the glory of God, this young lady has taken over that role and, to tell you the truth, I have never been happier in my entire life. Please join me in thanking God for my new mother, friend and partner for life, Oluwafunmilayo.”

Mr. Doyle lost his first wife to sickle cell disease.

Notably, his post did not mention his second wife of over 18 years, Mrs. Ireti.

Patrick and Ireti Doyle

For years, there has been speculation about the state of affairs in their marriage.

Things started looking rocky in 2017 when fans of the couple first pointed out that they rarely appear together in public anymore.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo on his WithChude podcast, the actress, 55, said she was officially forced.

Speaking to the presenter, Ms. Ireti said that while they may have painted a pretty picture in front of the fans, there was a huge gap between the image and their reality.

He further said that although they may be artists, their private life is not and the public has no right to any information.

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“That I am an actor and ply my trade in the public arena does not give you the right to my personal life. And frankly, I don’t owe anyone an explanation. So go ahead; speculate all you want. If it helps you digest your morning tea, I’d be happy to oblige,” she said.

She, however, insisted that he keep the name. ireti doyle because she had worked hard for it.

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'I've never been so happy'- Patrick Doyle on his new wife

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