Kegel exercises for women


Kegel exercises are essential for women because of the effect they show on a woman’s body. When doing Kegels, you need to engage your master floor and pelvic work.

These exercises are great for women to help them reduce belly fat and have stronger cores.

Kegel exercises will make it easier for you to perform certain tasks efficiently and without challenge.

Kegel bridge

Kegel exercises for women

Make a semi-bridge, one that doesn’t require you to turn the face up. Keep your lower body straight and your head up.

Benefit: This exercise helps strengthen the pelvic muscles and upper body.

Side kegel

Kegel exercises for women

Lying on your stomach with one leg bent and out to the side (only for women without hip problems). Perform up to 3-4 Kegel exercises of up to 4 seconds for each activity, relaxing and allowing your pelvic floor muscles to recover between exercises.

Benefit: This helps build your hips and makes them stronger.

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Pelvic floor

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Position yourself to rest on your forehead on your forearms. If your knees hurt or are likely to hurt, lie on your side or stomach as shown in Position 1. Perform 3 to 4 Kegels of up to 4 seconds each, using correct technique, relaxing and resting again in between. each exercise.

Benefit: This helps reduce belly fat and any chance of having one.

Finish with 4 quick pelvic floor contractions to complete your Kegel workout.

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Kegel exercises for women

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