Kidnappers Reject N1.2m Ransom, Mock Nollywood Actors


The kidnappers of two Nollywood actors kidnapped last week have mocked the Screen Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for collecting 1.2 million naira as a ransom for his release.

The actors, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel, also known as Agbogidi, were reported missing Thursday.

This was after their relatives confirmed that they did not return home from a filming location in Ozalla Town, Enugu State.

By Saturday, their kidnappers had contacted their families, demanding $100,000 in ransom.

In a video clip on social networks, the president of the AGN, Emeka Rollas, informed his colleagues about the current situation.

He said that although both actors are still captive, “the guild believes that God will perform his miracles and wonders at this time.”

He said: “While we were talking to the kidnappers, we were trying to explain to them that we were raising some funds, we were contributing. We said we have about N1.2 million. And they started laughing at us.

“They started making fun of us and saying, ‘all those celebrities posting on Instagram, why haven’t they contributed?’

“I immediately realized that these people are looking at us. This is not the best time to circulate this information on Instagram.”

Rollas said that the bank account of the Enugu chapter of AGN had been dedicated for the actors to contribute and collect the ransom.

“I urge everyone to see that we make this contribution because we don’t know if we will ever be in this kind of situation again. But let us pray to God that none of us ever have this kind of experience again,” he added.

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The search continues

Similarly, the guild’s communications director, Monalisa Chinda-Coker, has called on Nigerians to step up their search for the actors by posting valuable information.

On her Instagram page, the actress noted that the kidnappers’ lawsuit is outrageous, given that actors don’t earn much in Nigeria.

“I don’t understand how people could think that actors have money. With the paltry sum we receive as fees? The struggle through the vicissitudes of life, health problems, etc., that we face from time to time. $100k from where?” she asked.

Kate Henshaw asks for FG

Meanwhile, the famous actress Kate Henshaw has started a petition.

The petition challenged the Federal Government of Nigeria not only to secure the release of the kidnapped actors, but also to end insecurity throughout the country.

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The petition, which aimed to gather 5,000 signatures, has already received more than 3,000 signatures.

“I started this petition on calling on the federal government to end insecurity in Nigeria,” Ms. Henshaw wrote.

He said that remaining docile is equivalent to drawing the attention of kidnappers.

“I therefore call on the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to act immediately to ensure the safe release of Cynthia Okereke, Clemson Cornel and other Nigerians who have fallen into the hands of these evil beings,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rollas announced that the Guild will work closely with the victims’ families and security forces to ensure their safe release.

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Efforts to contact Mr. Rollas and Enugu State Police Command Police Public Relations Officer Daniel Ndukwe were unsuccessful as calls from PREMIUM TIMES were not returned.

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