LAWMA destroys 400 cars, says operators pose security risk


Around 400 cars were destroyed yesterday by the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) for constituting security risks in the state.

The cars were confiscated from pushers, who mass dump waste in unauthorized locations throughout the city, in clear violation of state environmental laws.

Speaking during the exercise, which took place at the LAWMA facility in Ogudu, Managing Director and Executive Director, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, stated that the exercise, which would be continuous, was made necessary to weaken the ability of cart pushers to return to business, and to decimate the population of cars that disfigure the urban landscape.

The head of LAWMA revealed that the opportunity has been opened for repentant cart pushers to step forward, register with LAWMA, get proper guidance and train as collectors and collectors of recyclable materials, working hand-in-hand with other stakeholders. in the waste management chain.

He said: “Car pushers are the biggest threat to our drive for environmental sustainability.

“We will not allow anyone or a group of people to derail ongoing efforts to improve the environment. Criminal elements have hidden under this disguise to carry out heinous crimes. If there are no carts to push, they will get other jobs.

“They represent both a threat to the environment and to the safety of citizens. You will be shocked to know that many of them keep weapons such as knives, machetes, etc, in their carts to attack and loot unsuspecting people when the opportunity arises.

“One such cart pusher was tried and jailed last week, having been arrested on Victoria Island, smashing and stealing iron bars from the government. There have been many reported cases of mobile item theft from people’s compounds that can be traced back to them.”

Odumboni reaffirmed the agency’s full commitment to making the State’s city space environmentally friendly, urging residents to join the authority’s quest for a cleaner Lagos, avoiding improper waste disposal, paying your waste bill and sponsoring assigned PSP operators.

Furthermore, the President of the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN), Mr. David Oriyomi, praised the continued support of the government for the association, promising a new era of fruitful collaboration with LAWMA.

Present at the event were; LAWMA’s Executive Director of Finance, Mr. Kunle Adebiyi; Technical Director, Dr. Olohunwa Tijani; Head, Implementation Unit, Mr. Idowu Sanni and other stakeholders.

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