LG balances work-life with AI devices

LG ThinQ kitchen solution

By Juliet Umeh

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs are beginning to think of better ways to get individuals, organisations and businesses entertained while spending quality time at home.

In fact, manufacturers of house hold items are more challenged to produce items that will take current COVID-19 situation into serious consideration.

In response to the challenge, device maker, LG, said it is making latest products with the aid of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, AI, 8K technology, to ensure they are suitable for this period.

It said its other products including: gaming innovation, Nano Cell, OLED, projector and TVs are with high-quality resolutions that its range has covered all the new innovations in OLED TVs, NanoCell TVs, ULTRA HD 4K TVs, Smart TVs, and LED TVs also come AI-enabled.

Head Corporate Marketing Division at LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Hari Elluru, said the company is committed to sustainable products through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

“Spending some time with family or working from home can be fun with LG’s smart home appliances powered by AI”, he said.

“One of our devices that can definitely make family time or work from home fun is the LG AI TVs. They are the first with the Google Assistant and Alexa technology. LG Styler is especially useful for its ability to eliminate germs from clothes and even toys, which are often the breeding ground for germs.

“In addition to keeping you looking your very best, Styler’sTrueSteam technology eliminates over 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria found on clothing”,  Elluru said.

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According to him, LG has a wide range of air solutions that fit every modern home, from advanced air purifiers that clean the air and eliminate allergens to energy-saving washing machines that thoroughly clean clothes without damaging even the most delicate fabrics.

Elluru noted that LG TVs with AI ThinQ have the Google Assistant built-in, bringing higher intelligence to a living room.

He said: “TwinWash washing machine comes with some features includes the ability to simultaneously wash two separate loads of laundry and LG ThinQ technology.

“LG XBOOM AI ThinQ smart speaker responds to voice commands, and one can use the 8-inch touchscreen to watch videos, make video calls, check the steps of a recipe, and control your smart home,” Elluru explained.

According to LG, the future is AI-enabled and it’s up to people to figure out what that means for their daily lives.





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