LG Prepares to Expand Air Solutions Brands in Middle East and Africa- News

LG HVAC Solution

By Juliet Umeh

Electronics maker LG has said that it is ready to expand the HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology solutions business in the Middle East and Africa.

The company said its goal is to increase regional presence with total integrated solutions focused on experience and partnership.

In a virtual conference, LG Air Solution Business Unit Director Dr. Lee Kam-gyu said that LG’s brand philosophy to become a trusted partner in the region is based on the values ​​of integration, experience and commitment, as well as a new product portfolio of air purification solutions for residential, office and commercial environments.

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He said: “Most people may think of LG as a washing machine and refrigerator brand, but we provide solutions in many sectors that consumers don’t see.

“LG is constantly investing in capabilities to increase the confidence of our customers and we will reinforce this commitment through better integrated solutions, expert insights and more dedicated support to become a trusted partner for HVAC in the region.”

He noted that LG focuses on its three core values ​​of integration, experience and commitment.

Kam-gyu explained that LG has introduced products and solutions in the region that are designed to offer the best technology.

He said: “For example, a new roof-based line of DUAL Vane cassettes features a powerful five-step air purification process that is perfectly engineered into the unit itself.

“With its new design that includes air purification, this advanced product offers various airflow modes that are optimally customized for all spaces, delivering clean, filtered air to its indoor destination,” he added.

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