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Mathias Pogba denies any involvement in the extortion reported by his brother Paul, a World Cup-winning soccer player, and which is the subject of an investigation, his lawyer said Friday.

Mathias’s denial in a statement released by his lawyer, Richard Arbib, comes after he posted a bizarre video online on August 27, in four languages ​​(French, Italian, English and Spanish), promising “big reveals.” about the Juventus star.

Paul Pogba says he is the victim of a multi-million dollar blackmail plot by mobsters involving his brother.

According to two sources close to the Pogba family contacted by AFP, Paul Pogba is being demanded large sums of money if he wants to prevent the dissemination of allegedly compromising videos.

Mathias, however, insists that he is an innocent party.

“Given how the matter has evolved and the extensive media attention surrounding it, Mathias Pogba insists that he knows nothing about any extortion attempts against his brother, Paul Pogba,” the statement read.

“It is clear that the difficulties experienced by the Pogba family are the result of external threats that will be evaluated by the justice authorities, who are already involved.

“Mathias Pogba, who wants above all to calm the situation with his brother, from now on will only speak to the investigating judges, if necessary.”

Two investigating judges have been appointed to lead the investigation, it was announced last week.

Based on the findings of a preliminary investigation launched last month, they will examine the accusations, for now against unknown persons, which include blackmail by an armed gang, kidnapping and belonging to a criminal conspiracy.

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Paul Pogba told investigators his blackmailers wanted to discredit him by claiming he asked a marabou (holy man) to cast a spell on Paris Saint-Germain and France star Kylian Mbappe, which Pogba denies.

The investigation is handled jointly by the anti-gang and anti-crime units of the French police.

Several people, including Pogba’s mother, have already been interviewed by the police, a judicial source told AFP.

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