Mobile innovations: how operating systems will determine future smartphone market leaders


For Prince Osuagwu, High-tech editor

The smartphone segment is where competition in the mobile market is heading. The discomfort is alarming and the intrigues are interesting.

It would have been unthinkable, some years ago, to suggest that Tecno, a manufacturer of mobile original equipment, OEM, ridiculed by many when entering the market, will lead the Nigerian mobile market, annoying giants such as Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, and iPhone, among others. that dominated at that time.

However, today, according to the statistics available for Mobile Vendor Market Share in Nigeria, as of May 2020, Tecno owns 26.11 percent of the market, Infinix, followed in search with 20.48 percent, while Samsung, Apple came distant third and fifth respectively with 13.03 percent and 7.83 percent respectively. iTel joined them in sixth position with 6.41 percent.

Competition next time

Now, mobile technology has come under pressure as the technology landscape changes with the pressure of the coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak has forced a critical mass of people online, and it seems that only the mobile phone could adequately cater for this increase.

However, this has also put incalculable pressure on the tool, the leading original equipment manufacturers, to rethink their operations.

The competition next time may not necessarily be for the number of units sold by these original equipment manufacturers, but for the robustness of the operating system, to support a rugged phone that users can confidently use to cope with the level of online activities necessary to stabilize their lives.

Once again, market leader Tecno says it is leading the pack with the latest version of its HiOS operating system, HiOS 6.0.1. The feat came alongside the introduction of their Camon 15 series through a recent online launch.

Since the release of the first version of HiOS 1.0 in February 2016, HiOS has released more than 500 new features and updates, and its custom features are very popular with African users. With the continuous iterative update of the version, the HiOS team has extended the development of the location function in Africa, and the concept of Smart, Smooth, Simple is deeply rooted.

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Mia Liu, who expressed confidence that the new operating system will lead innovations in that genre, marketing manager for HiOS, said that smartphone manufacturers rely on Android custom skins to offer a personalized experience to users, but While there are a variety of Android overlays, thanks to Android’s custom nature, HiOS is one of the few that most users can easily remember. She said: “Tecno HiOS is definitely one of them and is among the most popular and widely used Android skins in the world, thanks to the brand’s value offerings at all price levels and the extreme customization it makes. stand out from the rest. “

He noted that users of Tecno-branded devices have been anticipating this latest release as the company focuses more on smart technology solutions and new, localized features that help elevate the user experience.

She said that in the new operating system, the user will also notice a revamped user interface, an improvement in game support and battery life, and more privacy controls.

Explaining the technical information and features of HiOS 6.0, marketing specialist Olley Justice said: “HiOS 6.0 is based on the latest version of Android 10. The update includes a ton of new features, ranging from the long-awaited mode. Dark that helps save battery life for privacy enhancements and full-screen navigation gestures that’s downright cool. HiOS 6.0 also comes preloaded with custom features designed exclusively for Nigerian and African users. “He said Tecno has also revamped the interface. for a more streamlined experience as HiOS 6.0 offers new themes, wallpapers, and icon styles for users. There is also an improvement in animation speed. “All these improvements make a considerable difference in HiOS 6.0 for differ from any other Android skin on the market, “he added.

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The new features in HiOS and the Camon 15 are said to have interesting features to offer users good value for money.

Dark mode

The idea of ​​the dark mode is to facilitate the view and save battery. Tecno users can spend hours on their device without straining their eyes. Users would also not have to search the settings to activate it.

Shared Wifi

HiOS 6.0 presents a practical option to share a Wi-Fi network using QR codes, so that the user’s friends or family can join the same Wi-Fi network without having to go through complicated and sometimes long and winding passwords. A simple scan of the QR code on any compatible smartphone allows an authorized person to join your Wi-Fi network.

Mobile innovations: how operating systems will determine future smartphone market leaders

Instant USSD

HiOS 6.0 is loaded with exclusive localized features to solve Nigerian smartphone user everyday mobile problems. One of these problems has to be the subject of USSD codes. This is because there are too many of them to memorize and many people often have a hard time remembering them. Instant USSD is a localized feature that provides on-demand USSD codes for users in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and other African countries. HiOS 6.0 gives users access to these local USSD services in a convenient and easy way. This means that in situations where it is difficult to remember USSD codes or, more importantly, when you switch from one mobile operator to another, you no longer have to worry because you don’t have to memorize anything now.

Turbo social

HiOS 6.0 brings a powerful box called Social turbo to Tecno smartphones. The user can simply take it as a magic box containing great WhatsApp based amazing features. It offers users the possibility to save their WhatsApp status as long as they want. They can turn on their flashlight to flash when they have an incoming WhatsApp call. They can create their own WhatsApp memes and stickers. They can check already deleted messages from their friends or chat partners.

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Game mode 2.0

With this feature, players are unlikely to encounter nervousness or delay while playing in the default settings. This is because HiOS 6.0 removes them with MOBA Games Optimization, which automatically frees up space, boosts games, and speeds up the network while gaming is on.

HiOS 6.0 also gives users the opportunity to turn their phone into a game controller with the Magic Button option which allows users to use the volume keys on their phone as a fire button during a game.

This makes it easier to shoot at enemies. The magic button gives TECNO users an additional advantage when they play.

Privacy tools

HiOS 6.0 has a new “Privacy” menu in the Settings app. While most of the options are not new, consolidate all privacy settings in one place, which is convenient. Here you can change which app is accessing your privacy, what permissions all of your apps have, what alerts appear on your lock screen, and more.

Location controls

One of many people’s favorite changes to Android 10 is the ability to block apps from accessing your location when they’re not running. In HiOS 6.0, users will be able to do this as well.

New navigation gestures.

HiOS 6.0 takes gesture-based system navigation one step further by removing most of the bottom navigation bar and introducing new full-screen gestures. A user can swipe up to go home, swipe up and hold to switch between apps, and swipe from the sides to return.

New features of the Camon 15 series operating system include Air and major brands. It is also available in spark 5 and Spark 5 Air.


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