Movie review: ‘The Perfect Fix’, another imperfect movie with a complicated story


Movie Title: ‘The Perfect Fix’

Release date: May 13, 2022.

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Producer: Zulumoke Oyibo

Written: Oluwapelumi Bifarin

Director: Chinaza Onuzo

Cast: Sharon Ooja, Pere Egbi, Bovi Ugboma, Debo Adebayo, Wofai Fada, Adunni Ade, Mimi Chaka, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Funsho Adeolu, Rotimi Salami

With the relative success of movies like Wedding Party (2017), Up North (2018), Oloture (2019), Who’s Boss (2020), and Kambili (2020), Zulumoke Oyibo may not have achieved the many things it possibly had in mind. mind. shooting of ‘Perfect arrangement.

The Nollywood Rom-com movie is riddled with multiple flaws and a disjointed and convoluted story.

Romantic comedies are supposed to be simple, enjoyable, and memorable for the audience. Think of wedding party 1 and 2.

However, Perfect Arrangement did not leave a lasting impression and impact on the audience.

The reason is not unreasonable. For a romantic comedy film with a lot of intrigue, the film fails to stick to a central theme due to its complicated plot.

The film follows the story of Tade Kaleijaiye (Character played by Sharon Ooja), who finds herself in a complicated love relationship with two brothers, Chidi and Cheta.


The film tells the story of Tade, a young and energetic fashion entrepreneur and the only daughter of a politician and business tycoon.

Kaleijaiye’s beautiful daughter was enjoying her barbie lifestyle until her family business faced bankruptcy and was at risk of losing its oil block, a situation where the family needed quick intervention.

Meanwhile, Tade’s ex-boyfriend Chidi faces a political roadblock when his sex tape goes viral on social media, a feat that threatens his ambition to become the next governor of Anambra State.

While Tade needed to rectify his family from facing bankruptcy and losing his oil blocks to the federal government, Chidi needed to beautify his political image to stay in the Anambra gubernatorial race.

Although Tade and Chidi broke up five years earlier due to Chidi’s political ambitions, the duo rejoins in a staged relationship that quickly leads to a wedding that would benefit both Tade’s family and Chidi’s political ambitions.

However, Chidi had met Tade through his brother, his best friend, Cheta.

Although Cheta and Tade had an irrevocable connection that goes beyond the friendship of many years, he was still not sure if what they felt was Philia or an erotic type of love; despite the heated romance and intense chemistry, they seemed unsure of what they shared.

Pulled into a love triangle between two brothers Cheta, her best male friend with whom she shares strong chemistry, and Chidi, her ex-boyfriend, with whom she is in an arranged marriage to save her family’s business, Tade struggles with the conflict of her emotions and decisions.

What becomes the fate of Tade, who is caught in a web of love between two brothers? Will his quest for her to save her family prevail over her journey to find true happiness and love?


Perfect Arrangement wasted an impressive lineup of casts with a complicated story.

Thirty minutes into the movie, the only good thing about the film was the ambience of the cinematography accompanied by Tade’s fashion style and steamy kisses between her and Cheta, which are not enough to hold the interest of an impatient audience.

For about an hour after the movie one would be left completely confused as to what the movie was about, the plot was not straight forward and defined however film critics would think it was an intentional act by the director to keep the suspense going but for a romantic comedy of its nature, both suspense and sub-stories blatantly bastardize the central theme of the film, as was the case with Perfect Arrangement.

The story dynamic is never accurate at any point in the film, and the subplots collide with the main plot instead of merging.

Another failure was with editing. The unnecessary use of the framework and the constant updates on the screen were exhausting. He took away whatever pleasure was left in the film after his complex storytelling, thereby altering the entire viewing experience the film had to offer.

More failures; Make believe against reality.

To the extent that the movies are fictional, there must be relativity between what can be obtained in the movies and reality.

For a film trying to anchor its premises in politics, the specific information and actions must somehow match what is obtainable in reality.

For example, the film noted that Chidi was appointed finance commissioner in Anambra State, which was the basis of his breakup with Tade in the first place.

Also, Cheta was running for the governorship of Anambra state, but little or nothing was seen in the film about the politics that Chidi held in high esteem.

The script does not present Chidi as a politician, as crucial details are not considered. The script also explores the brotherhood of Chidi and Cheta, they felt more like roommates than brothers.

Also, the wedding that was supposed to be a social wedding between a would-be governor and the only daughter of a business tycoon looked like a “boys’ reunion”.

Aside from most of her scenes having no relevance to the plot, there was no logic behind traveling to Abeokuta for the wedding. One thing we knew was that Chidi was Anambra, but the movie didn’t tell us the reason behind a wedding in Abeokuta. Was it Abeokuta, Tade’s hometown?


Although unnecessarily outlandish and sometimes out of character, the costumes were well designed and did not appear generic. They seemed designed specifically for the film and tell the story of the world of fashion.

Also, Abigail, the journalist who kept sniffing around Chidi and Cheta, was another side story that added context to the movie. He showed solid antagonism for the Perfect Arrangement.

The highlight of the movie was Bovi’s rendition of Chike’s song, ‘running to you’, it was one of those few scenes that could move this reporter as it was funny and entertaining.

Rating: 5/1st

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