‘Mr Ibu’s daughter has appropriated the funds for her treatment’


Amid health problems, Nigerian comedian actor John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, is caught in a family feud as his wife, Stella Maris Okafor, accused their adopted daughter Jazmine of hijacking his treatment funds.

In a viral Instagram video in October, the comic actor requested prayers and financial help from his fans, saying that his doctors had recommended amputation of his leg.

In the video he said that although the medical director of this hospital said that they are trying other options, the best solution may be to cut off his leg.

Since Mr. Ibu’s health crisis emerged a month ago, his wife and daughter have been at the forefront, addressing the situation head-on, reaching out for help and keeping fans up to date with the surgeries and treatments he has undergone. subjected the actor.

However, it seems that things have gone wrong in the actor’s family as the actor’s wife and daughter have been at loggerheads online over the funds donated for Mr. Ibu’s treatment.

This led to an Instagram post on Sunday, where Ms Okafor claimed she does not have access to the main donation account as it is allegedly controlled by Jazmine, who she described as a “total stranger”.


Last week, famous online blog Gistlover shared screenshots of a conversation with a friend of Jazmine’s alleging that when Mr. Ibu fell ill, Jazmine took him to the hospital during a period of strained relations between the actor and his wife.

He accused Mr Ibu’s wife of trying to use the donated funds for personal expenses, including a new car, an iPhone 15 and rent. Jazmine and her friend allegedly created a separate donation account to thwart such intentions.

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Jazmine’s friend further accused Mr Ibu’s wife of receiving a N1m donation through her account, providing screenshots as proof. The friend also claimed that the actor’s wife sought the services of a native doctor to harm him.

Ibu’s wife blows hot

In response, Mr. Ibu’s wife refuted the allegations in an Instagram post.

Ms Okafor said the allegations against her began because she had requested the bank statement for the account.

The actor’s wife addressed the rumors about demanding money for a car, attributing them to a private conversation recorded by Jazmín for blackmail purposes.

Mrs Okafor claimed that she could not access Mr Ibu’s main account because the actor’s adopted daughter secretly controlled it.

She wrote: “Recently, some malicious lies have been peddled against me on social media, concocted by Jazmine Chioma Okeke who wants to make me a stranger in my own house but God forbid. I will deal with Jazmine’s excessive interference in my family affairs and other related matters when the time is right. For now, my husband’s health is the most important thing to me.

“The N1m donation you talked about was paid into my account on my husband’s instructions (and in his presence) to offset some bills on the home front. “I don’t understand why Jazmín, a stranger, drags me about my family matter.”

Mrs Okafor said she needs access to the main bank account, where people make donations.

She said: “I can’t access the main Access bank account where people make donations. Jazmine is secretly controlling it, however she is plotting all kinds of lies and propaganda against me to maintain absolute control of that account. How she manipulated her way and took control of that account is a story for another day.”

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Speaking on the topic of the car, the woman continued: “There was never a time when I asked anyone to buy me a car. It was only mentioned in a private conversation between Jazmine and my brother, and she recorded it as a blackmail tool. It was an innocent suggestion to help me cope with the suffering I was going through with public transportation while trying to coordinate my hospital schedule with the challenges at home. My brother has lived with us since 2013, long before people like Jazmine met my husband.

“He has been my biggest support and encouragement during these difficult times, as he willingly helps me with some challenges that I cannot face. However, an imposter who knows nothing.”

Mrs Okafor denied allegations that she had involved native doctors in her feud with Jazmine.

She said,” Jazmín said, taking her name to 4/5 native doctor. This is very funny. Please, I don’t do native doctors or any kind of fetish. Never, because I serve a living God in whom I always trust. The person named Jazmín is my husband’s cousin in the town who has also been calling me to find out the health status of his cousin. That’s the man Jazmine, and his cohorts labeled a witch doctor. May God forgive them. Maybe Jazmine is indirectly telling us the kind of things he does so he can manipulate people for selfish purposes.”

This is not the first time that Mrs. Okafor and Jazmine have been involved in a family dispute.

In February, PUNCH reported that Mrs. Okafor accused her husband of having a romantic relationship with their adopted daughter. She also claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

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However, this family dispute was quickly resolved; In an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze, the actor debunked his wife’s claims.

Sharing the latest update on his Instagram page on November 6, the 62-year-old actor, who also celebrated his birthday on his sickbed, notified Nigerians that doctors had indeed amputated his leg.

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